As projects become increasingly complex, technology responds with the equipment and

infrastructure to meet customer demands. CRAM has taken delivery of a new CNC tube bender – state-of-the-art technology that will give the company and its customers a discernible edge when it comes to meeting the growing demand for specialised hydraulic installations.

The new YLM CNC tube bender uses proprietary 3D simulation software to preview and determine interferences and maximise productivity. The same software means the control system can import XYZ axis information from .dxf or STEP files and translate this information to a production schedule.

The industry-leading bending technology inherent in the new machine delivers some impressive performance characteristics. Maximum tube OD that can be bent is 50mm with a wall thickness of 2.5mm. Maximum bending angle is 190° with a bending radius of 2x diameter, although this radius can be altered to suit customers’ requirements using different formers.

Tubes up to 5 metres can be accommodated on the feed rail. The maximum working distance of the mandrel– which allows tubes to be bent into smooth curves without undesirable creasing, kinking or collapsing – is 2.5 metres.

Hydraulic valves and integrated circuits control the bending motion and the bender is equipped with a manually adjusted digital flow regulation valve to control the speed of the bending action. Combined with the machine’s 4/5 axes servo drive for high accuracy, the outcome is high quality bending.

It has the ability to perform complicated and repetitive work, quickly and accurately. Once all bend parameters have been entered and verified through the simulation software, the machine is essentially set and forget until that particular job is completed. All parameters for all jobs are stored and can be recalled at any time.

The new tube bender and the recently installed EO2- FORM tube-end former will combine to give CRAM an industry leading tube fabrication capability. A faster and ultimately cheaper method of connecting tube and fittings, the EO2-FORM is designed to eliminate leakage in all fluid systems by using elastomeric sealing systems. The cold-forming process gives extreme rigidity and low tightening torques and eliminates any special tube treatment, heating or chemical additives which have been used previously. This high efficiency pipe bender and the unique EO2 tube-end former are valuable additions to the CRAM equipment register and will exponentially expand the range of service we can offer clients. Their minimum waste – maximum productivity operating systems minimise costs – another benefit for customers across the industrial spectrum.