Often there’s history as well as meaning in a company name. Certainly, that’s the case with PFERD, a fifth-generation business whose beginnings are founded in the production of files for horse hooves.

PFERD, which translates to horse in German, honours these roots some 200 years later as a renowned brand for the development and production of surface finishing and material cutting products. They’ve been partnered with BSC for 18 years as a key supplier of abrasives and cutting tools.

“PFERD is a name synonymous with quality – their original products, which were hand files, go back to the nineteenth century,” says Michael Rowe, BSC’s product manager for abrasives. “Our partnership with PFERD goes back to nearly 18 years and over this time, we have developed a fair bit of understanding of our customers’ needs. With PFERD offering such an extensive range of metal finishing products, we often work in conjunction with their team to bring a solution to the end user.”

PFERD has been present in Australia for over 35 years, and their products are distributed through BSC Australia across over 160 branches Australia-wide. They stock over 3,800 products including files, burrs, fine finishing, tool drives, grinding wheels at warehouses across all states.

Among the products that BSC supplies on behalf of PFERD are carbide burrs, which are used for cutting, shaping, grinding and for the removal of sharp edges including – as in the namesake – burrs and excess material.

According to Michael, these types of finishing and cutting tools are primarily used among metal fabrication customers. And when it comes to choosing the right burr for the job, Michael Rowe says BSC can assist – and will work jointly with PFERD – to help customers in this endeavour.

“There are different burrs made for different tasks, and it can be confusing. We can provide some helpful tips to customers, as well as supply them with the right PFERD product,” Michael elaborates. “As with every other product segment in BSC, our sales team does not just sell products. Many have been trained by PFERD on the technical aspects of the products. So, when we go on joint calls with the PFERD team, we can also do an onsite demonstration of products.”

While PFERD’s manufacturing hubs are located globally – with the company manufacturing the majority of its products in-house, the company also has a Coated Production Facility in Victoria, Australia, although this specialises in the production of belts, discs, sheets and rolls to suit different applications.

PFERD Australia National Accounts Manager, Zane Bendix, says as a family business that has grown over five generations, PFERD still takes immense pride in bringing only quality products to market.

“We always put our products through rigorous testing to compare their performance against competitor products,” he says. “We also encourage customers to trial equipment such as in their own specific applications before making a purchase to see the difference for themselves.”

Michael echoes this approach, adding that BSC can also do demonstrations on comparative products that customers are currently using.

“We work in conjunction with PFERD and directly with the end user through the BSC branch network,” he explains. “This involves demonstrations to end users, joint calling with the sales team, and assessing comparative products they are currently using with the PFERD range which allows the end user to properly trial the product. Whether it’s carbide burrs, grinding wheels or polishing products, where customers have a need for testing, we can accommodate that across the full range of PFERD product.”


Product Spotlight: PFERD Tungsten Carbide Burrs

PFERD tungsten carbide burrs are designed for machining materials of virtually any strength and are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards.


  • Highest stock removal performance through optimum matching of tungsten carbide, geometry, cut and coating, if necessary
  • Improved comfort with reduced operator fatigue due to innovative cuts for high-performance applications
  • Long tool life and high stock removal rates due to application-oriented tool design
  • Reduced wear of the drive system due to impact free work without chatter marks, thanks to the high concentricity


Burr Applications: Deburring, Contouring, Edge chamfering/rounding, Milling out in preparation for build-up welding, Preparation of weld seams/weld dressing, Cleaning cast material, Modification of workpiece geometry