To extend the life of a piece of a machined equipment, it is necessary to perform regular health checks on its metal components. Every machine needs ample protection against the harsh chemicals and airborne contaminants of an industrial environment, and likewise, every part, component, tool, frame, panel, and fastener requires its own special kind of protection.  

Mitigating the risks of metal corrosion ranks high on the list of maintenance concerns for manufacturing facilities. BSC Product Manager for Lubricants, Steve Keown, suggests maintenance and repair workers take careful consideration when assessing whether a product is safe to use on a particular metal component before implementing it. 

“When selecting the right product for the right metal application, it’s important to consider its suitability for the requirements of certain metals,” says Steve. “The aim is to prevent ingress of moisture or chemical residue and protect the metal surface from etching, scratching, wear, thermal expansion, and undue chemical bonds which can occur — especially with softer metals such as aluminium or stainless steel.” 

Steve has been collaborating with the team at ITW Polymers and Fluids for more than 15 years to promote their Galmet range of metal protection products across the industrial sector. 

Galmet is an Australian owned and operated brand that had humble beginnings making metal protection products in 1960 from a small office in the Sydney CBD. The Galmet ColdGal anti-corrosion product was the first to see success in Australia, establishing them as a key player within their market.

Galmet expanded their range over the next few decades to include rust paints, aerosols, and spray enamels. Today, the products are manufactured at ITW Polymers and Fluids’ facility in Wetherhill Park, New South Wales, while the Galmet brand continues to be synonymous with quality anti-corrosion compounds. 

Galmet’s three main categories of rust inhibiting products are rust preventatives, anti-corrosion primers and protective coatings, each one serving a different specific purpose across industries. 

“The Galmet ColdGal is a zinc-rich coating that provides long term protection for steel by creating galvanic action between the zinc and steel compounds which prevents rust from forming,” explains Steve. “It’s corrosion testing to ASTM B117 salt spray is also unparalleled with over 2000+ hours, demonstrating that “It has self-healing properties that reseals the surface of damaged metals and offers excellent prevention of rust creepage under the pain film.” 

“This combined with it’s high zinc purity and content makes it ideal for welding applications on piping or tanks in plants, or any steel or iron application that has long-term corrosive properties,” he adds.

Galmet’s other bestseller is the Ironize rust converter that drys quickly to render rusted applications inert by converting the rust to a black chelate compound, according to Steve. 

“The Ironize does not require any primer and is appropriate to use on applications where it is not possible to remove rust before painting,” he explains. “Once applied, the conversion process makes it unnecessary to apply any future anti-rust compounds because the surface will have been stabilised.” 

From the Galmet range, The Galmet DuraGal® Silver, Galmet RustPaint, and Galmet SprayPaint are products that work as protective coatings on steel, offering versatile finishing options on industrial applications for a smooth, sleek, metallic, coated result. 

ITW Polymers and Fluids enjoy a synergistic partnership with BSC as distributors throughout their network. For further knowledge and expertise on the Galmet range of offerings, visit your local BSC branch.  

Featured Galmet Products:

Galmet ColdGal is the classic anti-rust, anti-corrosion, zinc paint for steel that first established Galmet as a key player in anti-rust and abrasives. 

Galmet Ironize is a rust convertor that makes rust inert through the process of chelation and serves as a sealant. 

Galmet DuraGal is aluminium-rich which forms a barrier against moisture ingress and corrosive agents with a bright silver finishing coat. 

Galmet RustPaint is an epoxy-based enamel that is tough on abrasion and has adhesive properties. It is used for protecting and beautifying both new and old metal surfaces and comes in a range of colours. 

Galmet SprayPaint is a general-purpose high gloss steel and structural enamel that can be used on industrial applications as a finishing coat. It is also available in a range of colours