With so many V-Belt products on the market, from banded units and composite belts, to cross-section and round designs, it is important to make the correct choice for each industrial application. Factors such as load bearing requirements, speed, temperature resistance and ambient contaminants all come into play, which is why consulting with a product expert can ensure the longest wear life and high-performance capacity.

Paul McIntyre, External Sales, Business Development at CBC Beresfield has extensive knowledge when it comes to V-Belt applications, and works alongside numerous customers to supply tailored solutions. His recent work with an Australian tile manufacturer demonstrates the value in CBC’s long-standing relationship with Motion Australia’s strategic supply partner, Gates®.

“It is important to us that we support local manufacturing, and this customer operates out of a state-of-the-art facility,” Paul says. “It is critical that we supply parts with a solid reputation for durability in stressful environments, and Gates delivers on that promise consistently.”

After encountering issues on a piece of critical equipment, the customer reached out to Paul for assistance. Following an audit of the site, he recommended the Gates Tri-Power® V-Belt, due to its compatibility with high-temperature and confined environments.

“Tile manufacturing involves a lot of really high-pressure motion, and an intense heating and cooling process to set the ceramic,” Paul explains. “While Gates specialises in a few different V-Belt styles, the notched design of this product helps to reduce belt stress, and limits the need for re-tensioning due to stretch.”

Most of the processing, moulding and packing at this customer’s site is automated, generating a high rate of product output. Because of this, unplanned downtime could prove extremely costly, but Paul has faith in the performance of the Tri-Power® belt as a long-term solution.

“Shifting to new technologies like automated packing allows for an extremely efficient business model, but it only becomes possible when you are working with the best in component manufacturing,” he says. “At CBC, we help to bridge that gap between customer and supplier, offering experience-backed advice based on the unique requirements of each piece of equipment.”

For over 35 years, Gates and CBC have maintained a steadfast, collaborative partnership that has fed innovation and the best in customer support around Australia. With international recognition across a diverse range of sectors, Gates ensures reliable and safe power transmission that out‑performs generic units.

The Tri-Power® V-Belt is ideal for smaller pulleys, where drives are fitted into a more confined space. ‘The perfect belt for imperfect conditions,’ this product is a patented new ethylene construction that resists complications resulting from heat cracks, stretching, and excessive wear.

The most impressive feature of this V-Belt is its ability to withstand a broad temperature range of -57°C to 121°C, exceeding the industry standard of -34°C to 60°C. The EPDM rubber compound offers a 15 per cent capacity increase over wrapped belts, and saves up to three percent on energy costs. The improved flexibility on prior models allows for total compatibility with smaller pulley diameters, meeting Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) standards for oil and heat resistance.

“You would struggle to find a more perfect fit for this particular application,” concludes Paul. “The fact that it is non self-igniting, with raw edge construction means that the customer can have peace of mind into the future.”   

Why choose the Gates Tri-Power® V-Belt?

• Static conductive to IP3-3

• Competitive temperature rating of -57°C to 121°C

• EPDM rubber compound

• 15% capacity increase over wrapped belts

• All sizes meet Gates V80 tolerances, and can be installed without matching