Mining, processing, and earthmoving take place in some of the toughest conditions of any industrial operations. Australia’s landscapes present additional unique challenges, including extreme heat and isolation from easily accessible repair services. Often, equipment is required to run 24/7 to contend with record demands for raw material and a struggling supply chain.

From ball mills and crushers to large conveying applications and drives, primary equipment must be able to withstand frequent impact loads and voltage transients. While the quality of components such as bearings, belts, and couplings are often considered as the make-or-break when it comes to avoiding failure, electrical-mechanical parts are just as crucial.

As an expert in powering industrial machinery, TECO has spent the last 30 years developing electric solutions to suit the Australian market. With an intimate understanding of the heavy industry’s key challenges, the company leverages on Motion Australia’s widespread supply footprint to service even the most remote operations, from Kalgoorlie through to the Pilbara. 

As part of their offering, TECO has introduced an upgraded series of L10 Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives. When positioned between the electrical supply and a motor, variable speed drives regulate the flow of energy, converting AC power into DC power before feeding it to the capacitors. It is a small, yet vital piece of equipment on almost every mining, processing, and manufacturing site. 

The L510, A510, and E510 Variable Speed Drives provide energy and cost-saving benefits due to their extreme efficiency and extended wear life. Able to operate in higher ambient temperatures, and withstand stronger vibration, they are ideally suited to harsh settings on high-use machinery. Each unit accommodates for the needs of different applications, and builds on previous design evolutions in accordance with end-user feedback.

Compact V/F and SLV Control Drive

A multi-use compact control drive for heavy industries, the L510 handles an output frequency of up to 599Hz. Featuring a built-in digital display and keypad, it allows for user-friendly speed adjustment alongside a Modbus RS485 communication control.

Compact design allows for side-by-side installation, and the product is available with an optional mounting kit. In compliance with global standards, the drive includes a rapid stop function and built-in earthing terminals for grounding protection. New features added in the updated version include a BACnet communication function, and motor over-temperature protection.

Advanced Current Vector Control Drive

The new and enhanced version of the TECO A510 offers 60 per cent higher computing power, with seven types of motor controls. Suitable for use on elevator, crane, and compressor applications, this drive features dual core compressors for faster computing speeds and increased ROM and RAM.

With fire safety functionality and auto-tuning support, it boasts extremely high performance in challenging environments. Auto-tuning can be set to various modes, including rotational, static, and static resistance measurement mode (for long motor cables).

Additionally, the robust design includes PCB coating to deflect contaminants and extend the wear life. An external heat sink gives greater cooling capacity, and a vibration resistant structure paired with an isolated PCB board prevent dust, moisture, and oil from entering the internal mechanisms. 

Compact Vector Control Drive

The TECO E510 is a general model design, ideal for standalone machine level controls or simple system integration. Featuring PM motor control, built-in PLC, an internal communications module, and an IP66 enclosure, this high-end vector control technology is designed to promote optimum performance on induction and permanent magnet motors.

Used commonly in fans, pumps, and conveyors, the E510 reaches 150 per cent torque performance at extremely low speeds. It includes the same fire safety and noise reduction benefits as the A510.