At the heart of Gippsland beauty and adventure is the historic town of Traralgon where aide-memoires of the gold rush days can still be found among the wide tree-lined streets and heritage architecture. A beloved destination for travellers, Traralgon is also a major service centre for the surrounding agriculture, papermaking, and timber industries. 

BSC Traralgon is well-positioned to serve local industry and according to Branch Manager Chris Williams, solutions opportunities are remarkably easy to come by. 

“Energy and resources are big industries in this part of the world,” he says. “Our branch works across various segments from wastewater to timber and power generation, many of which serve the greater areas around them in both Victoria and New South Wales.” 

To that end, Chris says that one of BSC Traralgon’s greatest strengths is in their stock holdings and longstanding relationships with excellent suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality product. 

“We recently had a customer in the timber industry who was interested in some paint markers for their operations,” he notes. “We have great contacts at Dy-mark who are well-known as a premium industrial aerosol and paint supplier in the Australian market. So, we were able to supply our customer from a timber mill with about eight boxes of spray and paint markers which would get used on the job for marking up materials by hand during production.” 

It might seem old-school to picture industrial fabrication being marked up by hand, but it’s still entirely relevant in today’s industrial processes for blueprinting cuts, folds, and measurements on a design. 

Dy-mark’s markers are industrial grade and are a bestseller with customers who work in the fabrication space, according to Brad McLady, the National Sales Manager for Dy-mark’s industrial range, but he makes no bones about their capabilities. 

“I have to be up front,” he says. “I’m not talking about climate change policy here; these really are just markers. But joking aside, when it comes to heavy duty manufacturing and wood or metal fabrication, these markers are bold, bright, and robust to last long on site. Plus, they add a bit of colour to an otherwise relatively neutral manufacturing environment.”

Brad makes a good point: who doesn’t love a fresh set of brightly coloured markers? It takes everyone back to a simpler time in our life when creativity was part of learning about life and the world. 

“Our industrial paint markers come in two ranges,” explains Brad. “The standard P10 bullet point series, and the P20s; which hold a bit more weight in hand due to their additional features. The P20s have a pocket clip feature and reversible tips with a fine pointed end and chiselled end for thicker or more angular lines.” 

From a business standpoint, Brad says that industrial markers have been an important part of Dy-mark’s business since their launch more than 10 years ago. 

“Our industrial markers have just gone from strength to strength over the years,” he says. “We have been strong right across this period and we have continued to take the market share in this area, selling heaps of them consistently. As a range, they’ve been so good to us and our customers like the fact they just work!” he enthuses.

Furthermore, Brad highlights how working with the staff at BSC, CBC, and WebsterBSC, part of Motion Australia’s group of businesses, has been an incredibly positive experience for Dy-mark. “From a supplier side, Motion Australia’s distribution capabilities are second to none and they have certainly helped forward the success of our industrial products.” 

On the note of success, Chris from BSC Traralgon remarks likewise that working with premium suppliers like Dy-mark has helped grow their business and reach with their customer base.

“We pride ourselves on supplying premium products and Dy-mark is one of a kind in their market in designing industrial paint solutions,” says Chris. “Dy-mark products are always functional and practical, and at the same time add a bit of colour and life to the industrial landscape, which makes them a fun product to sell.”  

Dy-mark P10 and P20 Markers

Features and Benefits: 

• Medium bullet tip

• High performance 

• Xylene-free

• Fast dry formula

• Replaceable, heavy-duty tips

• Bold, easy to read

• P20s have a Reversible Bullet/Chisel Tip