A little rust can go a long way towards damaging the metal fabricated components on a farm, cautions Steve Keown, National Product Manager for Lubricants, Chemicals and Solvents at Motion Australia. He recommends corrosion protection as a must-have for metal applications that are subject to harsh environments with dirty, dusty, or damp elements.

“Whether it’s a roof, trailer, fencing, shed, storage tank or connection points like rivets or weld, corrosion can weaken the integrity of metal,” says Steve. He stresses the importance of long-term protection on metal applications and suggests using a metallic zinc coating compound as a surface treatment.

“One of the most effective solutions for these kinds of applications is the CRC Coloured Zinc range,” he says. “Particularly for structural steel that is part of a building or a piece of farming equipment like an ag shed, harvester, or a tractor; CRC’s Coloured Zinc products protectthe surfaces by sealing it from corrosion and rust.”

“It is also very good for wet environments like water pumping stations, or marine applications at fisheries that are not only wet—but salty—where metal surfaces will be continuously exposed to water and moisture in the air,” he adds. “The product was tested for salt spray corrosion testing and showed resistance of up to a thousand hours on Australian marine applications. So, agricultural workers in the marine sector are pretty well guaranteed a high level of protection against ocean elements.”

CRC Coloured Zincs are handy to keep in a workshop because it’s very easy to apply in aerosol form and it comes in a range of colors for matching with metals and painted coatings. It has a 20-minute touch dry feature for quick jobs which makes it convenient for maintenance and repair services. 

Feedback from customers has been relief, says Steve. “Essentially, their corrosion issues are fixed.”

“Customers in the farming and agriculture market like the fact that it is so easy to use and holds up well in an adverse environment for extended periods without requiring a touch up.  There’s a part on every piece of equipment, like booms and rods and such, that get covered in mud and water all the time travelling across the field.”

Additionally, the coating is flexible. Rather than a rigid galvanized coating that will crack if it is under stress or loaded, the coating has a flex to it that allows for some movement. 

“CRC’s Coloured Zincs are altogether a resilient compound which customers truly appreciate, but they also love that they can color code for their applications,” says Steve. “The formula is not just a grey colour; it comes in the full spectrum of colors. For example, they might have a fence they want to paint red, or they might want a shade of green to blend with the color of a harvester.”

“CRC has all of that in their range which is very handy,” concludes Steve. “It’s a good aesthetic consideration but it’s also very functional for providing galvanized corrosion protection.”   

Why Farmer Fred uses Zinc It

• Easy to apply – aerosol only

• Long term protection to steel because of cathodic action 

• Metallic zinc coating is universally accepted as the best method of rust prevention

• Flexible continuous protective film

• Does not contain lead

• Excellent weldability