The heavy industrial landscape of underground mines and processing plants peppered across the outback can conjure up images that resemble something out of a Mad Max film. But the team at CBC Regency Park is used to contending with the common challenges faced across industries such as oil, gas, mining, and quarrying. 

Conveniently located in the urban centre of Adelaide, CBC Regency Park is the largest branch in the state, and a key supplier to the surrounding industrial regions and townships. 

Peter Dixon, Internal Sales, has a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of his customer base, having served at CBC Regency Park for more than 14 years. Parlaying with customers who are on remote sites and liaising with suppliers to find solutions is all in a day’s work for the team at Regency Park. “Quite a few of our customers are mining contractors who either ring us up or actually drive down from the desert-hot outback towns, about 560km North-West of Adelaide,” says Peter. 

“Mining contractors often look to us as the premium supplier for their respective operations,” explains Peter. “They are seeking out products that can withstand the high-heat, dry, dusty conditions of the industrial landscape in the outback, which can be particularly gruelling on heavy machinery and equipment in processing plants.”  

“When it comes to assisting these types of customers, we rely on our premium partnerships with suppliers like LOCTITE®, who provide us with an extensive range of product, as well as access to training programs and knowledge bases,” adds Peter. “We are a solutions-based organisation and that ensures a synergistic relationship with solutions-based suppliers like LOCTITE.” 

Peter was approached by a mining contractor last month that required large quantities of adhesive sealant that could be used on high-heat applications on site. In collaboration with his account and area managers, the solution Peter arrived at was the LOCTITE SI 596; a silicone paste sealant that forms a moisture-proof rubber bond; ideal for operating under high-heat conditions, up to 250 degrees Celsius. 

The customer agreed and ordered a high volume of SI 596 to be shipped out to their receiving location near major mining destinations in South Australia. Peter speaks to why this product was the right solution for high-heat conditions. 

“After curing, the silicone compound forms a flexible yet tough rubber bond that can withstand the test of time and temperature fluctuations, without deformation or splitting,” explains Peter. “In application, the LOCTITE 596 is easy to recognise with its distinctive red color, which can be an indicator to operators as to what kind of conditions the bond can endure,” he elaborates. 

Since CBC has been enjoying a premium partnership with LOCTITE, this is not the first time they have supplied a premium quality industrial adhesive and sealant technology to some of CBC’s key market customers. LOCTITE’s vast range of products consist of everything from bonding agents and sealants to protective coatings, lubricants, and repair materials.  

The reliability of CBC’s supplied LOCTITE products and services is evident in the loyalty of their customers and the distance both parties are willing to go to keep outback processing plants rolling. If extremely harsh conditions call for extremely durable solutions, then the CBC Regency Park team is the bat to LOCTITE’s ball, and together they are hitting home-runs across South Australia.  

LOCTITE® SI 596 Features and Benefits:

• 1-step to cure sealant

• Red coloured acetoxy silicone paste

• Tough but flexible

• Waterproof and oil-resistant 

• Silicone rubber bonding agent 

• Operating range of -50°C to +250°C

•Resists ageing, weathering and thermal cycling 

• No hardening, shrinking, or cracking

•Ideal for use in industrial furnaces, ovens, boilers, exhaust stacks, high temperature ducting and heating elements in electrical appliances