Sustainable manufacturing — the production of goods through economically-sound processes that minimise environmental impact — is at the forefront of the manufacturing and industrial system’s net-zero goals.

Governments globally have been working on E3 frameworks to align economic, energy, and environmental goals with global manufacturers and supply chain, to effectively transform the concept of sustainability from merely an aspiration or a target in the back of an annual report, into a reality.

According to Motion Australia’s National Product Manager, Steve Keown, this is being achieved in several ways in the industrial solutions business through product planning, strategy, and design — “Mainly, suppliers and manufacturers focussing on delivering new product innovations and adopting sustainable manufacturing processes that adhere to E3 frameworks.”

“The Australian government has recently introduced the Modern Manufacturing Strategy,” says Steve. “And we are seeing a lot of our suppliers and customers follow suit and putting in the work to overhaul the way they design, source, manufacture and deliver their products and services — it’s a big job and we want to stand on the frontlines with our partners as they enter this new era.” 

The Australian government’s vision for the strategy is for the country to be recognised “as a high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation that helps to deliver a strong, modern and resilient economy for all Australians.”

To put it simply—sustainability is no longer a recommendation, it’s now a mandate, and quickly becoming a requirement for manufacturers.

So, how do you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability? Steve recommends deferring to some of Motion Australia’s knowledgeable product experts. 

“We have close distribution partnerships with suppliers, customers and OEMs who are working on these sustainable initiatives across segments,” he enthuses. 

“Whether it’s manufacturing, mining, resources, agriculture, transport, shipping or logistics—we are seeing these changes happen as they are implemented, and in many cases assisting in bringing sustainable products to the forefront.”

Steve notes that Motion Australia’s premium partner, CRC Industries, is an exemplary manufacturer who is doing a lot to turn over a new leaf in the industrial system.

CRC Industries has been working with Motion Australia for nearly three decades now as an internationally recognised supplier of aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion, and maintenance products with onsite manufacturing facilities. 

“CRC is a leader in performance and quality,” touts Steve. “We have enjoyed a working relationship over the years by way of our shared values of producing high-quality, reliable and efficient products that are environmentally sensitive, wherever possible.” 

The fact CRC is known for aerosols, lubricants, anti-corrosives, and maintenance products for industrial applications means that the prospect of sustainable innovation is particularly meaningful in a range of products that have been traditionally looked at as detrimental to the environment—but CRC has not shied away from reinventing the wheel. 

With the release of their SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System that uses the natural process of bioremediation to break down carbon, oils, greases, and contaminants on industrial parts; they have begun to initiate their bigger picture vision of chemical and waste-free maintenance that is harmless to the environment.

According to CBC’s Grahame Bartley, it’s quickly gaining traction among manufacturers. The Sydney local CBC Sales Representative of 22 years says manufacturers are finding the natural bioremediation process to work in some cases better than traditional cleaning methods.  

“The CRC SmartWasher® uses a bioremediating formula, called OzzyJuice® to remove grease and oil from parts,” explains Grahame. “Then the OzzyMat® Filter transfers fresh microbes to the OzzyJuice® cleaner, trapping particulates and preventing them from contaminating the OzzyJuice® solution.” 

Recently, he saw a successful trial of the CRC SmartWasher® at a major packaging company in the Sydney area.

“My client is a global supplier of packaging and sustainability is an integral piece of their business ethos,” says Grahame. “They manufacture packaging on a large-scale using recycled and reclaimed resources, and they were looking to eliminate any risk of contaminating water sources with their maintenance practices.”

Grahame went out to their site and had a conversation with their Reliability Engineer about introducing the SmartWasher® to their plant and brought the system in for a trial.

“After two weeks, I rang him up to ask him how it was going and he was sold,” says Grahame. “Their engineering team loved the system and he said for their business model it’s pretty much a no-brainer.”

So, the question remains, why wouldn’t manufacturers want to go green wherever they can? 

“I think a lot of customers don’t realise the value of a short-term investment for long term savings,” observes Steve. “We are going to be seeing more and more innovations that rely on biological processes that are more efficient, economical, and better for the environment.” 

“Reduction in environmental footprint is desirable for all businesses and more companies are looking to provide these types of solutions,” he concludes. “It’s an exciting time for industrial solutions.” 

Features and Benefits:

•Solvent free, non-toxic, non-flammable, allergen-free

• No harmful vapor emissions 

• A reduced hazardous waste disposal in waste disposal volume and cost

• Reduction in PPE required for use

• Provision of a safer workplace through safety for site and the user due to the removal of solvent

• Mobility of the units allows them to be taken outside of the maintenance department and located close to the machinery

• Very handy for cleaning large or cumbersome items that are difficult to move or need to be cleaned in situ

• AsureQuality approved for food and beverage transport and related contact surfaces SW-X1, SW-4 & SW 6.8

• NSF approved A1 All fluids