Today’s industrial operations depend on housed unit bearings to keep things moving – particularly in demanding conditions and dirty environments.

It’s vital that roller bearing housed units are rugged enough to outlast these tough conditions and deliver exceptional performance.

Aboveground materials handling equipment has to withstand changing weather conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations, variable load directions and large amounts of rock, dust and mud.

Timken SRB solid block housed units (SBHUs) are made from cast steel, giving equal load capacity in any radial direction and allowing simple horizontal mounting, with the inclusion of multiple levels of sealing to protect the bearing in operation. These harsh operating environments often lead to housed unit bearing damage. However, Timken SRB SBHUs multiply protection with primary and secondary seal options, as well as steel covers in sizes to fit all Timken solid block housed units. Depending on the sealing configuration, up to eight layers of protection can be achieved to protect the bearing, maximising operational life.

Moreover, as most conveyor applications have some amount of structural misalignment, sealing efficiency can be compromised, reducing the life expectancy of most housed units.

Timken SRB SBHUs, however, run efficiently on misaligned shafts up to ±1.5 degrees as a result of the unique design of Timken’s spherical roller bearing extended inner ring, where the primary seals run.

Timken SRB SBHUs are supplied pre-assembled, so there isn’t any set-up required, which ensures there’s no risk of contamination and no feeler gauges required during installation, as the SRB’s radial internal clearance is factory set. However, each housed unit can be simply adjusted during installation to make it a fixed or floating bearing unit, eliminating the accidental FX/FX issue from oversupply on components.

A range of shaft sizes, from 35mm (1 7/16”) to 380mm (15”) and mounting options are available.

The housing configuration can also be customised. The Timken SRB SBHU offers interchangeable solutions for common SN, SAF and SD pillow blocks, flange and take-up designs that other manufacturers simply cannot offer.