Every major industry shift starts with a small step. The movement to ‘go green’ in the mines and quarries sector is no exception – with the adoption of greener cleaning products being one of the early markers of this shift.

“Mining and quarrying managers have been increasingly seeking cleaning solutions for on-site that are comprised of safe and environmentally friendly ingredients,” says Michael Greelish, BSC’s National Product Manager for the Mines, Quarries and Resources market segments.

For years, the CRC Brakleen product has been a best seller at BSC, serving as the go-to, premium, cure-all, cleaning solution for mine sites. The standard Brakleen product works by cleaning and degreasing a surface instantly, before evaporating with no residue.

“The turnover for Brakleen has been huge over the years. Mine workers love the easy to use, spray can in-hand option,” says Michael. “But there is one drawback– the product emits strong vapours into the air that contain some harsh cleaning solvents.”

This is what led CRC to develop the Brakleen Water Based, a completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable product that can safely be used in confined spaces, like those found on a mine site.

According to Michael, this new formula comprises all the ingredients needed in a quality, stand-alone, multi-purpose cleaning agent.

“To be a truly ‘cure-all’ solution, health, safety, and the environment need to be at the top of the shopping list,” he states.

David Bailey, Business Development Manager for CRC Industries, concurs.

“Customers have been asking for more sustainable  substitutes to our much-loved staple products like Brakleen,” he says. “By delivering Brakleen Water Based to the market, we are aiming to provide a safer alternative to our end-users and improve the overall safety of our customers.”

CRC work closely with Michael Greelish and the BSC team. It’s a true partnership in the very meaning of the word.

“Through BSC, we have gained many opportunities to get our products onto mine sites,” says David. “In the last 18 months, the reps at BSC have been doing a lot of the groundwork for us to get the right information to the right sites.”

With so many contaminants on a mine site, robust cleaning products such as Brakleen are required around the clock to ensure equipment, cables and bearings are free of dirt and grease and continue to perform well.

Michael travels frequently to visit BSC customers across the country, working alongside OEMs and maintenance technicians at mine sites and power stations to oversee the performance of gearboxes, pumps, screens, crushers, conveyors, heavy earth moving and mobile equipment.

With a wide range of products available through the BSC stock range, part of Michael’s job is to look for ways to improve systems and processes for customers and the CRC product range is rich with versatile solution offerings to choose from.

“I had a customer on a New South Wales mine site that frequently purchased the CRC Brakleen product,” says Michael. “This customer had found Brakleen to be the best product for cleaning the grease and oil off equipment however he was not satisfied with how the product vaporised leaving a strong odour.”

He continues, “I advised the customer that the same product is now available in a water-based version, and the customer was keen to trial the product. The trial was extremely successful.”

Remarkably, the feedback Michael received was that the product performed to the same level of standard as the original Brakleen. Since then, the customer has continued to use the Brakleen Water Based option as their only degreaser.

“The staff on site are happier knowing the cleaner they use daily is harmless to the environment and non-toxic for themselves,” says Michael. “The end result is that the customer is now getting the same level of clean on equipment with zero risk,” he concludes.