Road and infrastructure projects are poised to play a key role in Australia’s economic recovery post-COVID. The 2020-21 Federal Budget features significant funding for the infrastructure industry, with $7.5 billion investment in transport infrastructure around the country envisioned in the Budget.

The increased demand for high-quality fine sand and aggregates in the market means it is more and more important for quarries to improve the efficiency of their sand washing operations and reduce losses and operational costs.

BSC, as a major supplier of industrial products to the mining and quarrying industries, is leading in this area by enabling its customers to source high-quality and cost-effective industrial components for their plants.

An example of this was a recent collaboration between BSC and its long-term partner, Peerless, to assist a major sand quarry in Victoria find suitable air compressor for their sand washing operations.

“The quarry is investing heavily in expanding its sand washing plants to meet the increased demand from the market,” says Paul White, BSC’s State Sales Manager for Victoria.

“The quarry managers approached the BSC field service representative looking for a high-quality and reliable air compressor to drive the actuators and pinch plates in their two new sand washing machines. We then leveraged our close relationship with Peerless to work out the most suitable compressor for the quarry’s specific requirements,” he adds.

The final solution provided by the BSC-Peerless team was a Peerless HQ-Air 20 HP-8 Bar rotary screw compressor, which is a full feature unit comprising of a rotary screw compressor, a refrigerator dryer and a 500-litre tank capable of condensing an air flow of 2400 litres per minute at 116 psi.

Troy Jamieson, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Peerless, says the compressor is designed to suit the demands of the Australian market.

“Peerless compressors are designed to handle the hot conditions of Australia. The full feature HQ-Air 20 HP rotary screw compressor uses the German-manufactured Rotorcomp air end, Schneider electrical components and high-quality German-made oil/air separators. The LED colour touch screen takes away the confusion on how your air compressor is operating with all functions displayed. It can also show you the full diagnostics of the machine for easy servicing,” he says.

“With the Peerless rotary screw compressors, we test each model prior to being sent out from our factory for a minimum of six hours. The quality assurance inspector then runs the unit through our 24-point quality control checklist to make sure the customer receives a fully checked unit. The service label clearly notifies the customer of when the next service is required,” he adds.

Troy says the partnership between Peerless and BSC works both ways in allowing Peerless to better service the end market.

“We are proud to offer one of the widest ranges of compressors in the Australian market, from the small direct drive compressors to single phase and three phase belt-driven compressors, dental air compressors, diesel and three phase rotary screw compressors and more. All BSC field service representatives are fully trained on the complete range of Peerless compressors and they can guide customers on the most suitable compressors for their applications.

“Also, through working with BSC, we can offer custom-build solutions to multiple industries. A lot of our diesel compressors are installed on service trucks and commercial vehicle fleet that service the mining sector. In customising the compressors, we always prioritise space saving and weight reduction. So, for example, we have created a lift pump that goes on the air compressors to feed fuel into the compressor directly from the vehicle’s fuel tank and by doing so, we can help reduce the compressor’s weight.”

Troy says Peerless is also keen on helping reduce capital expenditure for small to medium businesses by introducing an installment-based financial program.

“Starting next calendar year, Peerless will be rolling out a plan that enables buyers to purchase air compressors through weekly installments rather than incurring huge initial capital expenditure. The installment plan will depend on the value of the compressor being purchased. So for example, for a small direct drive compressor, the installment might be as small as $40 per week. This will enable our distributors, including BSC, to offer an additional service to their clientele.”

With years of experience in supplying air compressors to a range of different industries, Paul says the BSC team can support and advise the customer for any application.

“We can calculate and recommend the correct size and volume of air required to service a site. Our staff are also trained by Peerless to help our customers with compressor maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines.”

Breakout box:

Key Features of Peerless High-Quality Rotary Screw Compressors:

  • Rotorcomp air end with the new EVO technology
  • Schneider electrical components
  • Low power consumption – energy savings
  • German-made oil/air separator
  • Smart motor technology – MEPS approved IP55
  • Low noise