In many Australian maintenance workshops, the LOCTITE® name is associated with efficient repairs made easy. Now, thanks to LOCTITE PC 7218’s new and improved formula, repairing worn parts and protecting equipment on mining and quarrying applications is easier than ever before. 

For more than 20 years, the LOCTITE PC 7218 wearing compound has set the standard for high performance wear resistance for the mining and quarrying industry. LOCTITE PC 7218 is a two-part ceramic filled epoxy paste designed to protect, rebuild and repair high wear areas of processing equipment. 

Applications such as cyclones and separator bodies, dust collectors and exhausters, pump liners and impellers, fan blades and housings, chutes/hoppers and elbows/transition points can benefit from the surface protection that LOCTITE PC 7218 wearing compound provides against abrasive materials and erosion.  

LOCTITE PC 7218 can also be used for filling gaps, patching and lining pipes, walls, internal surfaces, and tiled areas. By rebuilding surfaces with LOCTITE PC 7218, maintenance workers can restore and reinforce them with abrasion resistant coating. 

With the recent upgrade and re-release of the LOCTITE PC 7218 formula, LOCTITE has taken maintaining this high-quality standard one step further with improved adhesive and wear resistance capabilities, and the removal of ingredients subject to the 2018 Amended Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law.   

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Comparing old vs. new LOCTITE® PC 7218 performance

Based on preliminary testing done, LOCTITE materials scientists found that the new LOCTITE PC 7218 formula compares favourably to the former product in three key areas:

  1. Strength at high temperature: The new product shows 62% higher tensile shear strength at 80°C.
  2. Heat aging property: The new product maintained the same shear strength at 80°C.
  3. Abrasion resistance: The new product has improved the weight loss ratio by more than 50%

Case Study: Iron ore chute

A leading iron ore ship loader in Western Australia was experiencing wear on the inner face on one of their chutes. The chute was catching iron ore from a fall of approximately six meters lasting only 10 weeks a repair cycle, before requiring patching or replacement.

In under five hours, the inlet chute was prepared and rebuilt using LOCTITE® PC 7218 wearing compound as a ‘cold fix’ requiring no Hot Work Permit. The result was chute life doubled to 20 weeks and the company accrued significant cost savings by avoiding chute replacement and a reduction in labour hours. 10 weeks of production in, the chute was practically still in newly repaired condition.