When professional tradesmen from Lange Fitting & Mechanical drive their 4×4 vehicles or trucks through the dusty roads leading to a mining or quarrying site, they carry at the back of their vehicle a metal box imprinted with these words: SP Professional Tools. 

Any professional tradesperson would tell you that if there’s one thing they could absolutely not do without, that’s a good set of tools. The SP Tools brand has built a reputation among Australian tradesmen over the years as the go-to brand when the best quality is demanded.

Queensland-based maintenance and repair company, Lange Fitting & Mechanical, has equipped its service vehicles with the field service series of SP toolboxes1. The company’s employees deal with heavy earthmoving equipment, cranes, crushers and trucks on multiple mining and construction projects. 

Cam, a diesel fitter working with Lange Fitting & Mechanical says the SP Tools field service toolkit stays firmly at the back of a utility vehicle or truck, even when driving in rough terrains1. 

“The SP field service toolkits have everything that I need, including a full range of sockets, full metric an imperial set of spanners, all the screwdrivers and allen keys. The rollers are very sturdy and hold up well when the tool box sits on the back of a Ute or truck,” he says1.

As a leading national supplier to a wide range of industries in Australia, BSC has been working closely with SP Tools over the past 10 years, offering premium tool solutions for different market segments. 

BSC’s Industrial and Engineering Consumables Category Manager, Dominic Arena says SP’s large range of tools and toolkit solutions allows BSC to service both professional tradesmen and apprentices working in a wide range of industries. 

“Whether your requirements are for mining, manufacturing, agricultural, mechanical or general servicing needs, we have the products to service our customers with SP Tools,” he adds.

Arena says what makes the range of toolkits and cabinets offered by SP Tools truly unique, is that they are customisable to meet the requirements of each end user.

“Having customisable toolkits means customers don’t have to pay for tools they don’t need. There are already over 100 toolkits in the SP range and for high-volume orders, we can also mix and match the kits in conjunction with SP Tools to optimise to our customer’s requirements,” he says.

High durability, accuracy and strength are what SP Tools have become well known for. All the hand tools in the SP Tools range come with a life-time warranty. SP’s toolboxes and roller cabinets have also been designed to carry a substantially heavy load.

“SP Tools is a fully Australian owned brand offering what we consider as the highest quality toolkits available. All the products in the SP Tools range have been designed by professional tradespeople to well exceed the ANSI and DIN standards,” says Arena.

Another benefit for customers, Arena says, is the Click & Collect option with SP Tools.

“Whenever we receive a large order, we assemble the tool boxes or cabinets as per the specific order on the same day and customers can collect their order from our branches,” he explains.

“With the Click & Collect option, our customers can purchase their SP Tools products online at www.sptools.com and then collect them from any BSC branch across Australia,” says Arena.

This option is particularly attractive in view of the current precautions in place with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are taking every measure to ensure the safety of our employees and customers,” says Arena. “Please talk to us about delivery options for your SP Tools orders whereby you may be a shift worker, you may be located remotely, or if you can’t visit us during normal operating hours. We will continue to offer our customers solutions as always, it’s in our DNA.”  

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N78LiCZtBjs