Benjamin Franklin famously once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This approach to industrial maintenance has led many industry players to factor in issues before they arise, ultimately reducing equipment failure and subsequent losses. Michael Rowe, Category Manager – Lubricants, Adhesives and Chemical at Motion Australia, says that in his experience there is a clear distinction between customers who are proactive, and those who are reactive when it comes to worksite management.

“Component and part failures are sometimes inevitable, but making sure you are prepared by utilising preventative measures, such as applying protective coatings, can drastically extend replacement intervals and avoid unplanned shutdowns,” he explains.

High contact areas on industrial worksites are often subject to accelerated wear and degradation. When rough or heavy parts are consistently creating abrasive impact, this can lead to significantly decreased equipment lifespan and the likelihood of unplanned downtime due to component failure. Not applying preventative measures to protect the longevity of equipment can lead to an overall negative impact on site efficiency, as well as less Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

The LOCTITE® PC 7332™ wear resistant compound from Henkel is designed to combat these problems over a range of applications such as slurry pump structures, pipes, ducts and chutes. This high-grade wear protective coating helps to protect, rebuild and repair on-site equipment and is suited to the harsh environmental factors of the mining industry, especially equipment subjected to severe wet abrasion.

The silicon carbide filled 2K epoxy system offers superior abrasion resistance when compared to aluminium oxide based epoxies, and is easy to mix and apply without sag or slump. By forming a robust barrier against weather, dust pollution and particle damage, the PC 7332™ extends the life of critical parts up to three times, helping to mitigate faults and reduce replacement turnover.

The key feature of this product is its capacity to resist both wet slurry and dry particle abrasion. This flexible application renders it perfectly suited to many outdoor worksites, and at different stages of the industry pipeline. Transport elbows and chutes are subject to dry particle abrasion, while desulfurization pumps and ducts, slurry pumps and slag granulation pumps are subject to severe wet abrasion. The PC 7332™ epoxy resin system addresses these niche requirements of mine or quarrying plants, and offers drastically extended product life without complex application.

Additionally, the silicon carbide filled protective coating boasts wide temperature resistance in both wet and dry settings. Its full operating range is between -30 to 120°C, and it can withstand wet slurry temperature of up to 90°C. Having undergone rigorous testing including a dry abrasion, slurry abrasion, Miller slurry and gas jet erosion tests in varying conditions, this wear resistant two-part compound holds up extremely well against harsh environmental elements.

Incredibly efficient, this product has just a six hour functional cure time, meaning that surface preparation, application and curing can all take place within a 10 hour window, getting the machinery back up and running swiftly. The 10kg kit has a 0.74m2 coverage when applied at 6mm thickness, and can be easily applied with a trowel.

LOCTITE®’s full range of high‑performance wear protective coatings are available to customers through their local Motion Australia branch. Representatives are available to conduct site inspections and assess the most appropriate products and applications for specific business needs.


Maddie the Miner trusts LOCTITE® PC 7332™

  • Silicon carbide based 2k epoxy offers superior abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding resistance against fine particle abrasion in both wet and dry conditions
  • Broad range of temperature resistance
  • Easy mixing and application without slump
  • Functional cure in only six hours, reducing costly downtime