When it comes to the operational health of your machinery and equipment, it’s crucial to maintain proper lubrication of rotating parts to ensure reliability. Lubrication-related failure and damage is imminently preventable and should be low on the list of things to worry about when it comes to your machinery. However, lubrication is often overlooked or ignored, to the detriment of the health and reliability of your equipment. To achieve reliability, you need the right lubrication method for your machinery. Applying the right product will extend the life of your machinery and equipment, keep your maintenance costs down, and boost your operational performance.

Alemlube is an Australian-based lubrication company, leading the market with innovative product designs. Their team understands the ins and outs of machine maintenance, and their products are specifically designed to prolong the operational life and ability of your machinery. From their product offerings, Motion Australia recommends the ‘Pulsarlube’ range of Single and Multi-Point Grease lubricators, which offers an efficient and easy to install option for mining operations of all sizes.

The Pulsarlube E Series Single Point Grease lubricators is a great option for use across the mining and resource industries where conditions are harsh. Within the cement industry, for example, extreme temperatures, and the presence of high-density airborne dust particles, often cause issues for machinery. Cement dust can have a devastating impact on the bearings of conveyors, which is why proper lubrication is necessary. Pulsarlube E prevents damage on bearings from overexposure to dust and is easily installed on the head pulley bearing in conveyor systems. Its reliability is largely due to its ability to dispense less variation against ambient temperature differences, because of its inert Nitrogen gas generation.

Another application is CNG stations, where a common issue with electric motor bearings is that they are lubricated less frequently than other bearing types. This then creates a real danger with over-lubrication, which can cause even more damage and problems than under-lubrication. Pulsarlube E can be installed on the electric motor bearing of compressors to provide the most appropriate and precise levels of lubrication.

The Pulsarlube M Series Multi Point Grease lubricators is another excellent option for those working in the mining, quarries, or related industries. The Pulsarlube M can be installed remotely (up to 8M) due to its high output pressure (Up to 60bar). It also offers multi-point installation, with up to 8 lube points using Ø6 tube, with a maximum length of 6m per point. Pulsarlube M is operated through a built-in LCD, and its transparent container makes it easy to inspect the quantity of lubricant at any time. The Pulsarlube M can be applied in a variety of situations, from HVAC equipment and cooling tower, to cleanrooms and LM guides— it offers significant savings due to its feature of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs. 

Alemlube’s products were designed with an in-depth understanding of the lubrication needs of industrial machinery and equipment, and their products are both affordable and reliable. The Pulsarlube range is an excellent option for a variety of industrial applications and will maintain the health and efficiency of your machinery.   

Key features:
• Low-cost lubrication solution that optimises lubrication without compromising performance of equipment

• Eco-friendly product, where applicable parts can be disposed of separately 

• Certified CE, ATEX, UL for use in hazardous areas 

• Various dispensing settings and grease pouch volumes to suit a wide range of applications

• Easy to adjust dispensing periods, even during operation

• Easy to install in hazardous and confined areas

If you’re in need of more information on the Pulsarlube range, visit your local Motion Australia branch.