With the Australian mining industry experiencing record demand for product, there is increased pressure on plants to achieve heightened productivity targets. While this comes with challenges, CBC, BSC and WebsterBSC – all part of Motion Asia Pacific – are well placed to provide solutions, says Grant Gray.

“We’ve had a long association with the mining industry – in fact one of our businesses has been serving this sector for over 100 years – and we are in a favourable position to support the sector in times when physical site access and supply issues are posing challenges,” enthuses the General Manager of National Sales for Motion Asia Pacific. “This is due to the level of technical competency we have behind us, coupled with our ability to supply the world’s best brands through our Premium Partners.”

Motion Asia Pacific’s national branch footprint provides an invaluable advantage.

“This not only helps with our distribution channels, but ensures we have people in key positions around the country,” Grant explains. “We have a significant workforce available to provide triage when required, even at short notice.”

Providing quick fixes, however, is not Motion’s modus operandi.

“Our mode of working is solutions-based with the objective being to provide an outcome that brings long-lasting benefit and value to the customer,” Grant states. “We’re aligned with our Premium Partners in the process and delivery of these solutions-based outcomes.”

To address challenges at the forefront – such as ensuring mining machinery is in uptime to meet productivity targets – Grant says understanding the customer’s business and their pain points is critical.

“The productivity targets of our customers are increasing every year – the challenge for us, whether it’s a mobile or fixed plant – is getting access to the site and that equipment. Invariably there is a small window for us to get in and identify the problem, and react with a solution,” Grant expounds. “What the solution looks like will depend on a number of factors, including the availability of componentry. At a micro perspective, that can pose a large challenge, but in terms of the big picture, what it provides is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of what success looks like for the individual customer.”

Gaining this understanding will come through developing a trusted rapport with the customer.

“It’s vital that we understand what success looks like to them before we provide answers. What are their expectations, what are the demands they have to meet, what are their issues with equipment?” Grant shares. “This knowledge comes from developing a high degree of familiarity with the customer and their business.”

Importantly, Grant says this in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs aids in the supply of parts.

“Understanding exactly what their demand plan moving forward is necessary to cater for them, and to work with our Premium Partners to make sure customers have the critical spares required to keep their mine in productivity,” Grant explains. “What we need to consider is that the requirements associated with certain bearings or power transmission products can be large and complex. Which means long production lead times. And of course, this is compounded by a larger issue of global supply and demand right now.”

According to Grant, education is a two-way street.

“We’re only going to have this kind of meaningful dialogue with the customer by undertaking a plant survey,” he says. “Through understanding what they have in stock, what is required and how we can best supply and service them is critical. As is their understanding around some of the complexities with regards to componentry lead time and availability.”

Moreover, he notes Motion Asia Pacific’s ability to pivot and innovate to service customers in times when physical access can prove challenging.

“We’ve invested heavily in technology and are able to provide a lot of service through virtual communications – a lot of the training we provide for example is now done remotely,” Grant explains. “We understand that not every mine is able to cover their staff’s training and development competencies. We can help address skills shortages through training, leveraging both our internal resources and teams, as well as those of our Premium Partners.”

To conclude, Grant reiterates the unique value proposition that Motion Asia Pacific offers, together with its Premium Partners, to customers.

“To keep mines in productivity, machinery must be kept in uptime. And to keep machinery running optimally requires following best practices and using best brands – we help our customers on both those fronts. We’re exceedingly proud to work with the world’s best brands as Premium Partners.”