TECO’s track record for designing award winning electrical and rotating equipment is what makes them uniquely qualified to design and develop products and services for heavy duty industrial operations. 

Mining, excavating, quarrying and heavy earth moving operations are subject to some of the harshest working conditions in the world, with equipment running 24/7 on site to keep up with an ever-increasing demand for raw materials in the world today. 

Whether it’s a semi-autogenous or ball mill, a conveyor or a crusher, the drive lines on these sites need to contend with high ambient temperature, impact loads and voltage transients that could compromise valuable uptime in the case of incidental equipment failure. 

TECO understands the challenges of heavy industry, and as a strategic supplier to Motion Australia, they have proactivity increased ability to deliver best in class products to Australian heavy earth moving, mining, quarrying, and excavating operations. 

Motion Australia’s inventory capabilities, combined with their extensive network of more than 140 branches Australia-wide, means that TECO electrical solutions are readily available to customers— no matter how remote the location.  

Drawing on years of expertise in intelligent electrical-mechanical design, TECO has developed the 510 Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives specifically to accommodate the needs of heavy industrial applications. 

Each 510 series model variation (F, A, E, and L) has its own unique capabilities to suit the requirements of any application— the result of which is a range of truly “F.A.E.L. safe” Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives.

The TECO F510


X 230V 1 – 175 HP

460V 1 – 800 HP


Drives for fan and pump control that meet protection level-IP55 and are water and dust resistant. 

Advanced Features: 

• Advanced Network functions for Building Automation

• Automatic Energy Saving Function

• Ultra-Low Motor Noise using Soft PWM Technology

• Fire Override Mode

• Pump Cascade Control Card for up to 8 Pumps

• Built-In Multi Pump Control Mode

• Blockage Detection

• Sleep Mode

• Dry Pump Protection

• LCD Keypad Standard

• RTC Function / Simple PLC / PTC Motor temperature detector input

 Built-In Filter up to and including 45kW thereafter available with optional external filter

• 3.7 to 600kW output range

• IP55 up to 75kW and thereafter are standard IP00 but IP20 available if fitted with NEMA kit


The TECO A510s


230V 1 – 150 HP

460V 1 – 425 HP


Advanced current vector control that is the evolution of the A510, with 60% greater computing power. 

Advanced Features: 

• Six control modes integrated in one drive

• Dual core processor with 32-bit MCU and ASIC

• 200% 0.5Hz starting torque

• Four quadrant control, speed, torque, and position control modes

• Built in modbus RTU via RJ45 port

• Dual rating for normal and heavy-duty loads

• PLC and PID functions as standard

• Parameter lock function prevents unauthorizes access

• LCD keypad

• Fire override mode

• Built in filter up to 45kW, with optional external filter for larger units

* The A510s Enhanced model includes a PTC Thermistor Input


The TECO E510


230V 0.5 – 20 HP

460V 1 – 25 HP


A general multi-function model ideal for industrial applications with a sealed design and high level of water and dust proof. 

Advanced Features: 

• V/F Control, Vector Control

• Starting Torque 150% / 3Hz (V/F), 150% / 1Hz (Vector)

• Fire Override Mode / Safety Stop

• IP66 Enclosure

• Built-In Modbus RTU via RJ45 port

• PLC & PID functions as standard

• Parameter Lock Function prevents unauthorised access

• LCD keypad

• 0.75-11kW 3-Ph Input and 3-Ph Output


The TECO L510s


110V 0.25 – 1 HP

230V 0.25 – 10 HP

460V 1 – 15 HP


A compact V/F and SLV control drive for heavy industrial applications. 

Advanced Features: 

• V/F Control and torque compensation function

• Built in MODBUS RS485 communication

• RJ45 Interface for PC and Copy Module

• PID Functionality

• Full Protective Functions

• Built In EMI Filter for Interference Suppression

• External Cooling Heatsink

• Built In Digital Display and Keypad including Speed Adjust Potentiometer

• 0.75-2.2kW 3-Ph Input and 3-Ph Output