Like grains of sand through a shaking sieve, rocks also require a decent shakedown during the quarrying process. Quarried materials need to be crushed and sorted, and vibratory screens are what allow the material to be effectively sorted down to size.

“The service life of a vibrating screen has been historically finite, due to the stress, force and movement of material,” says Michael Greelish, National Account Manager for the Mining, Quarrying, and Resources for CBC. “As a result, vibrating screens frequently fail to achieve reliability and longevity on quarrying operations.”

Furthermore, Michael emphasises that the overall output and productivity of a quarrying operation will largely depend on the performance of the vibrating screen applications, and the performance of the screens is almost certainly determined by the screen’s bearings.

Working with exceptional bearings manufacturers is a critical part of CBC’s business, allowing CBC representatives to provide customers in the quarrying segment with better performing, higher efficiency, and more reliable bearings solutions.

Michael’s colleague, and bearings expert, Tony Tormey, discusses CBC’s longstanding distribution partnership with Schaeffler.

“Our signature bearings supply company, CBC, has being partnering with Schaeffler for a long time to offer better bearings solutions to the quarrying industry,” says the Product Manager for Motion Australia’s Bearings Solutions. “Over the years, this has included substantial collaborative efforts towards joint site visits and twofold engineering support services,” Tony adds.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate bearing for vibrating screen applications, Tony highlights a couple of important factors to consider.

“First of all, a vibrating screen needs to be able to move in multiple directions — circular, linear, elliptical— so it requires spherical roller bearings that will have been purposefully designed and manufactured to operate in vibratory machinery applications associated with quarrying,” he explains. “Few manufacturers do this better than Schaeffer does. Their most recent innovation is the T41D vibrating screen bearing product.”

How is Schaeffler innovating screen bearing technology with the T41D Screen bearing product? According to Gregory Peck, Key Account Manager for Schaeffler: “The innovation is in the bearing surface.”

“Schaeffler has been working continuously to innovate bearing surface technology that has the strength and ability to stand up to the conditions of heavy industry,” says Gregory. “Schaeffler have a unique Durotect CK design on the T41D series which is a solution that is intended specifically for vibrating screen and exciter units within the quarrying industry.”

“Our T41D suffix bearing has an inner ring bore that is coated with a thin layer of the Durotect CK design, as a standard,” he elaborates. “The T41D coating significantly reduces fretting corrosion between the bearing and the shaft offering superior wear and corrosion resistance leading to longer service life.”

Furthermore, Tony explains, “The Schaeffler T41D bearings also include the X-Life design features such as Bainite heat treatment, surface hardened cages, cage guides by outer ring, and tighter dimensional tolerances.”

“The additional temperature stability and high wear resistance can better accommodate centrifugal forces. The tighter dimensional tolerances allow for better housing and shaft fits, positioning the T41D vibrating screen the best in its class,” concludes Gregory.

CBC’s commitment to providing the quarrying industry with quality products like the Schaeffler T41D screen bearings, coupled with exceptional technical services that meet and exceed customer requirements, is backed by continuously available stock at CBC branches around the country.


Schaeffler T41D Bearings: Feature and Benefits

  • X-life quality = premium performance delivering longer life
  • Bainite heat treatment for temperature stability up to 200ºC
  • Surface hardened cage for high wear resistance
  • Cage guided by outer ring better accommodates centrifugal forces
  • Tighter OD and ID dimensional tolerances for better control of fit in housing and on shaft
  • Durotect CK hard coating on bore for reduced fretting corrosion and shaft wear