Industry expert Michael Rowe says the unsung hero of mechanical fastening is the liquid threadlocker.

The longest standing manufacturer of threadlocker products is LOCTITE®. In fact, threadlocking fluid was invented in 1953 by a chemistry professor named Vernon K. Krieble, founder of the original LOCTITE brand.

“Traditional methods of mechanical fastening often include lock washers, locknuts, jam nuts, and safety wire which protect the threads and secure bolts in place, however, they still leave gaps that will be exposed to continuous vibration, tension and torque on an operation,” explains Michael, Product Manager of Adhesive and Sealants for CBC Australia. “Liquid threadlocker holds fasteners tight by curing with viscosity and shear-resistance – effectively acting as a water-resistant sealant and an adhesive,” he adds.

CBC Australia and Henkel LOCTITE have been partnered in distribution of adhesive technology for more than 40 years, serving the mining and quarrying segment. The Henkel LOCTITE Threadlocker products are available in a range of adhesive and fastening abilities, from permanent, high-strength compounds, to more time-based, removable, variations.

“The right solution will depend on the application,” Michael states. “And we can help advise customers on which product will work best.”

Sheree Munnik, CBC Key Account Executive for the Mining Segment in Western Australia, works closely with mining customers to circumvent the effects of continuous vibration and torque on bolted joints, which she says is a common cause of equipment failure at mine sites.

“The bottom line is that Threadlocker products enable our customers to get more running hours out of their equipment by holding everything in place,” highlights Sheree. “Bolted and machined joints on mining equipment face heavy vibration and shock loads, running at high speeds under harsh conditions for extended periods of time. Securing fasteners can mean the difference between a productive day on site or a catastrophic failure on mining applications,” says Sheree.

CBC recently worked with a heavy mobile equipment company in Western Australia to provide solutions with a range of LOCTITE products.

“This included the Threadlocker range, thread sealing, and retaining compounds they offer,” says Sheree

“Specifically, the LOCTITE 567 and 577 products are commonly used in hydraulics applications to prevent fluid leakage into the threaded assemblies. While LOCTITE retaining compounds are used to prevent bearing slippage on shafts.”

In addition to the LOCTITE adhesive solutions, Henkel also makes degreasing agents that can be used for cleaning heavy equipment brakes and gears that build up under site conditions, laden down with dust, dirt, oil and residual grease.

Sheree and her team worked with an OEM in Western Australia who had been losing extended periods of time on the removal of oil from gears and casings.

“I visited the site on a joint call with a LOCTITE on-site engineer and we made a proposal for an application trial for Henkel TEROSON® VR 10,” she explains. “The trial involved a comparison on two large sized gear units. We cleaned one with the generic brake cleaner the customer had been using and the other with the Henkel TEROSON VR 10. The result was that TEROSON left the gear visibly cleaner while using less product, time and effort.”

“This was added value for our customer and a huge win for our team being able to collaborate with both the supplier and the customer on a solution.” concludes Sheree.


Features and Benefits LOCTITE® Threadlocker Series

  • An instant low-pressure seal
  • Does not creep, shrink or block systems
  • Cures in the absence of air and by contact with metals
  • Breakaway torque rating
  • High viscosity
  • Prevents unwanted movement, loosening, leaks and corrosion
  • Resists vibration
  • Breakaway torque
  • Suited to large threads