The mining industry is synonymous with heavy lifting, and when it comes to supplying  heavy lifting products, safety is paramount, according to John Di Michele, General Manager at Titan Lifting Technologies. 

“Rigging and hoisting heavy materials is a significant part of day-to-day mining operations, miners or riggers rely on lifting equipment to get the job done safely and effeciently,” he says. “Titan Lifting has considerable experience  supplying the mining industry, and our products have been designed and built to be reliable and effective for mining environments.”

Titan Lifting’s diverse portfolio of quality precision lifting technologies cater to some of the most rugged, challenging conditions in the world across mining, quarrying, mineral processing, oil and gas.

Backed by over 45 years of ‘know how’, and decades of experience, the Australian owned and operated company has earned its reputation as a trustworthy supplier by putting safety first.

“We have full quality control of our products, and our rigorous testing process is second to none. Titan has one of the largest and comprehensive quality assurance systems in the industry. Our in-house testing and quality assurance checks are carried out in Australia before products are sold and put into service,” John explains. 

The Titan Grade 100 Chain Series is manufactured using world class chain making machinery and is made from high quality graded alloy steel.

The Titan TCB Chain Block Hoists are constructed from a high strength steel frame and gear casing built for rugged applications  This range also has an OverLoad Protection model which offers that additional safety for the operator, complying with AS1418, in fact exceeding world standards.

The Titan S Grade Shackles are manufactured in accordance with AS2741-2002. The batches are marked for traceability as they undergo strict quality control using ISO9000 batch testing with the manufacturer, followed by Titan’s in-house quality control process that includes batch proofing,  destructive testing and forging & tolerance checks. 

“All of our products are compliant with European and Australian standards and Titan Lifting Technologies is a fully accredited member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association. Through our extensive quality testing process, customers can be assured that our products are safe by design,” concludes John.   

Titan Grade 100 Chain & Fittings Series

 • Best available grade of steel is used

• Comply with AS2321 & EN 818 G100 chains

• Sophisticated Quality Assurance Process with full Traceability

• Master link and 2 medium size

• Intermediate links for 2, 3 or 4 leg

• Fittings Individually proof tested at 2.5 times WLL

• Fittings Fatigue tested at 1.5 x WLL for 20,000 cycles

• Fittings are 100% Magnaflux crack  tested

• Chain is coated in blue using world class Electrophoretic ProcessAll testing results and Certification available

Titan TCB Chain Block Hoists

• High strength steel frame and gear case built to be durable for rugged needs of construction and maintenance rigging

• Spur gear efficiency reduces operator effort

• Double pawl and double guide rollers enhance performance, safety and reliability

• Equipped with wide throat top and bottom drop forged hooks that are designed to bend slowly to warn of overloads

• Load chain is alloy steel grade 80 in accordance with ISO3077 and EN818.7 standards

• Overload protection system

• Caged needle roller bearings on load sheaves

• Cast safety latches

• Thrust bearings in bottom hook assembly

• Special surface treatment of spare parts

• Complies with AS/NZ1418 standard

• Proof tested 1.5 x W.L.L

Titan S Grade Shackles

• Titan shackles manufactured in accordance with AS2741-2002

• All Titan shackles undergo a stringent quality control process by the manufacturer using ISO9000 and batch testing, as well as Titan Lifting Technologies’ in-house QC process that includes batch proof/ destructive testing to ensure they meet product safety factors and forging tolerance checks

• All shackles are easily identified with markings such as Brand Name, W.L.L., Grade and Batch number

• Pins are marked with T6 (Titan & Grade 6) in order to identify matching pins to Titan shackles

• All shackles are batch marked for traceability from manufacture to point of sale

• Mill & Test Certificates available