Gulf Western Oil (GWO) is an Australian owned and operated family business that was established in 1988 by Peter Vicary and his sons Ben and Andrew. A small family operation at the time, the business was founded on the idea that the Australian market had a need for oil and lubricant products specifically tailored to the unique conditions of its landscape. 

Regional Australia contains some of the most robust, fertile, and lush agricultural growing conditions in the world. But the heavy rainfall, dust, and extreme temperatures mean that harvesting equipment is subject to a lot of rough and tumble in the field.  

To keep harvesting equipment running smoothly through fluctuations in weather and environmental conditions, good quality oils and greases for lubricating machinery parts are of paramount importance.

But what makes an oil ideal for use on farming applications? According to Steve Keown, National Product Manager for Lubricants and Chemicals at Motion Australia, the quality of the blending facility, base oil, and additives all contribute to an oil’s viscosity, longevity, and overall performance in the field. 

“GWO uses the highest quality virgin base oils and the most technologically advanced API approved additive systems. Their Australian facility uses state-of-the-art blending and packaging technology,” says Steve. 

“From a technical perspective, this production is second to none. It is the most advanced lubricant site we have in this country and the products they provide are exceptional quality. In all my years in this business, few practices have impressed me as much.” 

From their range of premium quality oil products, Steve highlights GWO’s universal tractor transmission products, Agritrans UTTF (Universal Tractor Transmission Fluid) and Agriblue UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil). 

Developed specifically to meet the requirements and specifications of modern OEM tractor and hydraulic pump equipment, the Agritrans UTTF and Agriblue UTTO oils are multi-purpose and suitable for use on tractor transmissions, hydraulics, differentials, final drives, wet clutches, and brakes. 

Importantly, the anti-squawk additive ensures effective operation of wet brakes. This boosted formula was developed for high horsepower tractors operating in severe applications.

Over the last three decades, Australian customers have embraced GWO’s concept for developing Australian-tailored oil products. Presently, they are the largest manufacturer of lubricants in Australia, with their products OEM-endorsed and ISO 9001 quality approved.

GWO stands as a leader in their field with an extensive distribution network that spans the globe, supplying diesel engine oils, petrol engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids, aerosols, coolants, and cleaners. To date, the company remains fully Australian owned and operated by the Vicary family. 

Features and Benefits of Gulf Western Oil Agritrans UTTF 

• Superior gear wear protection

• Correct frictional characteristics ensure quiet wet brake operation

• Proven field performance

• Good anti-foam characteristics

• Excellent shear stability and thermal/oxidation stability provide long fluid life

• Good water tolerance ensures hydraulic performance is maintained

• Low copper activity

• Good filterability

• Excellent anti-squawk properties

Features and Benefits of Gulf Western Oil Agriblue UTTO

• Significantly increased gear wear protection 

• Correct frictional characteristics ensure quiet wet brake operation 

• Proven field performance 

• Good anti-foam characteristics 

• Based on borate technology 

• Excellent shear stability performance is maintained, and very high thermal/oxidation stability provide long fluid life 

• Water tolerance ensures hydraulic performance is maintained and very high thermal/oxidation stability providing long fluid life