When customers of Agricultural Requirements in Gatton, Queensland visit the store looking for “the Inox spray,” most of the time what they mean is the Inox MX3 lubricant, or its food-grade sister Inox MX3FG. 

Australian company Candan Industries first introduced its popular Inox MX3 product in 1989 as an anti-corrosion and anti-moisture lubricant. Inox MX3’s popularity has grown over the years as both industrial and domestic consumers find new applications for it in their everyday maintenance tasks, from cleaning metal tools to freeing up rusty hinges and bolts, from cleaning steel welds to protecting industrial chains, and the list goes on. 

Candan Industries introduced Inox MX3FG in 2008 as a low-odour equivalent of the original Inox MX3 to fill a gap for odour-free food-grade lubricants in the food industry.

The MX3FG is NSF-H1 compliant, meaning it is completely odourless and tasteless. It’s also Kosher certified, Halal certified and allergen-free. Presence of rust inhibitors and special additives in the lubricant helps provide an anti-rust film where the lubricant is sprayed.

Today, the MX3FG has found widespread popularity in par with the original MX3 product, with many major food and beverage producers using it their processes.

James Poole, Spare Parts Counter Salesman at Agricultural Requirements, says his customers prefer the Inox MX3FG if they have on-site food packaging where there’s risk of accidental contact with food.

Agricultural Requirements, an authorised supplier of Case-IH agricultural equipment, has been a key supplier of irrigation and agricultural machinery to farmers in the area surrounding Gatton for nearly 75 years. Apart from supplying machinery, the business has also diversified into manufacturing and repair of equipment such as irrigators, tillage equipment and sprayers in the more recent years.

James says the Inox MX3 is one of the most popular consumable products on the store’s shelves.

“I think the reason these products are so popular is because time and again, they prove to do exactly what they promise to do. Just the other day, I found a rusty spanner outside the workshop. I brought it in and sprayed it with the MX3 spray and left it overnight. The next day, it was as good as new. That’s just from my personal experience. We also use the Inox products extensively in our own maintenance work, to clean rusty pipes when we go to service irrigation equipment or when we repair Case-IH tractors in our workshop,” says James.

Inox MX3 and MX3FG are not the only popular products in the Candan Industries’ Inox product range. The Inox MX5 PTFE lubricant and our MX6 grease are also highly regarded in the agricultural industry.

For more than two decades, the BSC branch in Toowoomba has been supplying Inox lubricants – among other industrial products – to Agricultural Requirements. James says the regular supply from BSC has helped the business meet its customers’ needs.

“The BSC Toowoomba branch has always looked after us with good supply, which aligns well with our reputation of being trusted suppliers to our customers. We like to pride ourselves on the strength of our service and the knowledge that we have within our staff to help our customers do their jobs better.”

Mark Brocherie, BSC District Manager, says BSC is pleased to be able to support a business as reputed as Agricultural Requirements. 

“There’s a reason Agricultural Requirements has been such a successful business for so long. They really believe in sourcing premium quality products for their customers. That is where BSC comes to the scene, helping Agricultural Requirements with supply of premium products like the Inox product family,” says Mark.

James agrees with Mark. 

“Both BSC and Agricultural Requirements share a similar vision in that we are here for the long run, not for the quick gains. We know there’s a market out there for cheaper products, but we like the old-fashioned style of business where there’s personal service. Of course, we do move with the times when it comes to online and over-the-phone ordering, but our business still has an old-fashioned feel to it. That is why we enjoy working with BSC. They are a lot like us,” says James.