Whether it’s an acclaimed Shiraz from the lush coastal climates of McClaren Vale; a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the rolling hills of the Riverina Region; or a cool Sparkling Wine from Tamar Valley— 3M Purification understands the importance of the purification process for creating award-winning Australian wines. 

To achieve optimal results in flavour, tint, and consistency of a wine, winemakers must have full control of the purification process to ensure there are no impurities or changes in climate that could alter the taste of a grape blend. 

Decades of working with the most prestigious winemakers in the world to create tailor made purification systems that deliver on performance, quality, and convenience for clients, has made 3M one of the leading innovators in wine filtration technology. 

The perfect glass of wine, down to a science

3M’s combined experience and accumulated expertise has led to ground-breaking inventions for clarification, prefiltration and final filtration. 

An example of this is the LifeASSURE™ BA filter; the world’s first filter made from microporous nylon membranes to retain the complete organoleptic qualities of the wine, and the LifeASSURE™ BLA Series dual layer prefilters; designed to protect the wine as it moves downstream through a banked filtration system at the highest flux rate possible. 

This ingenuity persists in the LifeASSURE™ BNA range polyethersulfone (PES) membranes, which provide superior retention of organisms while preserving the microbiological stability of the wine. 

A tiered system 

Wineries require a tiered filtration process, prompting the development of the 3M™ Zeta Plus H filters, which are tailored by design to cater to the most demanding parameters of wine filtration. 

Zeta Plus H filters are constructed with high tensile strength to perform efficiently under high operating temperatures and repeated sanitisation cycles. 

Zeta Plus H filters are the choice of world class winemakers because they are easy to use and light on labour costs, while at the same time achieving a stable texture in the body of a wine.  

In the same family as the H filters, are the Zeta Plus MH series filters: 3M’s most sophisticated filter design to date that employs electrokinetic absorption to create two distinct zones of filtration: the upstream and downstream. 

The Zeta Plus MH’s upstream zone is more open than the downstream zones which allows for greater holding capacity of filtered media, so the larger particles get trapped in the upper zone, with the second filter catching the smaller ones. Ultimately maintaining a smooth flow of the wine product through the filtration system. 

Optimised for the individual winemaker

Just as every fine wine has its own unique qualities, 3M understands that every winemaker has individual preferences for creating the best wine recipes in the world that can passed down from generation to generation. 

The demanding and complex nature of wine production means that 3M purification experts must work closely with winemakers to design the most optimised filtration system that will embrace a winery’s individual process. The result is consistently high-quality and stable fine wine products that are achieved through integrated science and resounding innovation.   

To customise your wine filtration system for optimal results, consult with a Motion Australia representative for more information on the 3M range.