Anyone who has tried scrubbing thick grease off metal knows just how stubborn it can be. Soap and hot water will only go so far, often leaving a residual sheen that just won’t budge. For parts cleaning in meat production, this has typically been combated using extremely harsh chemical solvents in order to keep processing machinery up to stringent health and safety standards.

These cleaning products are often harmful to human skin, requiring heavy duty personal protection equipment (PPE) to use certified toxic waste removal. To combat this, CRC has developed a turnkey parts washing system that utilises a process of bioremediation to break down oil, grease and carbon-based contaminants using live microbes.

“The SmartWasher® is ideal for use in an abattoir setting, due to its food safety certifications and exceptional cleaning performance for fats and greases,” explains Melanie Mangos, Head of Industrial Sales at CRC. “What’s more, a lot of the heavy-duty parts washing systems on the market use harsh solvents, which can be harmful for the environment and the user.”

Bioremediation technology was first used in large scale oil spill applications (e.g., Exon Valdez & Deep Water Horizon), to clean up vast amounts of oil and contaminants organically. With the innovative SmartWasher® parts washing system, CRC  has scaled this technology to suit industrial and food manufacturing sites through its market leading parts washing system.

“We have had huge success in the paddock to plate market, working with Motion Australia representatives to do joint calls or site visits to customers,” says Melanie. “We have done amazing work together in some of the largest food manufacturing plants around the country – from bakeries and wineries right through to abattoirs and chicken processing. Each one has come back with positive feedback, and the conversion rate on product trial is incredibly high.”

So how does it work, exactly?

Within the mobile system, the filter, microbes and fluid work in tandem to ‘eat’ away at oil and grease, leaving parts sparkling. The OzzyJuice® Cleaning Fluid lifts fats, greases, oils and other organic matter from the parts, emulsifying them and passing through the OzzyMat® Filter. In the fluid tank, fresh microbes eat the contaminants, expelling them as water and carbon dioxide through the process of bioremediation. 

“Not only are you saving on water usage,” Melanie enthuses, “the key benefit is that it reduces the need for hazardous waste haulage and promotes a sustainable workplace. The fact that users no longer need to organise and pay to haul away chemical waste – that is a massive cost saving, especially for larger or multi-site operations.”

“We are also really passionate about the potential scalability of this system,” she continues. “It’s an end-to-end solution that could be fit for a small manufacturing plant, through to a multi-site operation. There are different sizes to suit the individual needs of the application, and we liaise with the Motion Australia sales team to determine the best starter kit for new customers.”   

OzzyJuice® Cleaning Fluid

Designed specifically for the SmartWasher® system, OzzyJuice® offers a high-performance water-based degreasing solution that is safer for the user. It is a non-hazardous, non-flammable, pH Neutral, , NSF certified, water-based degreasing solution that doesn’t harm the user or the environment.

OzzyJuice® is suitable for use on fats, sugars, grease, burned on carbon, oil, , fifth wheel grease, automotive grease, resin products, bearing grease, solder and flux, motor oil and many more contaminants and applications.