When it comes to customer service, CBC-Regency Park Branch Manager Darren O’Brien lives by three simple principles: serve your customers how you like to be treated, be proactive in delivering customer orders, and always try to exceed your customers’ expectations. 

As a seasoned professional in the industrial service sector, Darren has been working with CBC and its sister company, BSC – both businesses under Motion Asia Pacific Group –
for over 34 years, helping to support Australian manufacturers and service professionals across various market segments. He says the best asset he has as a branch manager is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. 

“As a key supplier to customers across all market segments, we have a very dynamic work environment here at CBC. This is both challenging as well as very rewarding for our staff,” he says. “Fortunately, we have a very supportive team who bring decades of combined experience and like to share this with their customers. Seeing the team grow day by day and lead by example is something I’m particularly proud of.”

With a large portfolio of contracted customers, including many major players in the Australian manufacturing scene, Darren says CBC takes its job of educating the customers on the best safety practices very seriously. 

“As a supplier, we do our best to raise awareness about the Safety Data Sheets (formerly known as MSDS) for each product that we sell to ensure the health and safety of employees and contractors working with those products,” says Darren.

“Our sales professionals go out of their way to conduct thorough site surveys for their customers to ensure best practices are adhered to in areas such as lubrication management, site safety, and product storage and handling. For example, we offer site surveys and colour-coding services that ensure products and equipment from one zone do not get intermixed with the other zone, ensuring maximum safety across the site,” he adds. 

An example of the CBC team’s dedication to exceptional customer service was recently demonstrated by Steve Cutajar, a Sales Representative at CBC’s Regency Park branch, as he helped a major wholesale bakery with delivery of a customised premium chain from Diamond® by Timken.

The CBC customer, a major manufacturer and supplier of baked goods, was planning to change a worn-out and elongated chain on a pastry tray conveyor. The chain had to be fitted out with custom pins at set intervals in order to hold the pastry trays in position. 

While the Diamond chain itself was available in stock with CBC, Steve says the custom design made the timely delivery a challenge. 

“My customer needed the chain delivered by Christmas and they thought it would be impossible to get it ready in time, within such a short timeframe. I told them not to worry about it and to just leave it with me,”
he says.

Working with the CBC engineering team, Steve was able to add the custom pins along the Diamond chain within record time and to deliver the chain in time for the annual maintenance shutdown. In fact, the chain was delivered two weeks prior to the customer’s deadline.

“My customer was very happy with the final solution. Not only is the Diamond chain a superior product compared to what they used before, it was delivered well in time to allow the chain replacement,” he says.

Moreover, Steve is confident that the Diamond premium duplex chain will outlast its predecessor, further creating peace of mind for his customer.

“The old chain had been working for about six to seven years. The new Diamond chain that we have provided offers more strength and better resistance to wear (or elongation), so it should easily last up to ten years or even more.”

Steve, with over 25 years of
experience in the industry, says he takes pleasure in assisting customers with managing their operations safely and cost-effectively. 

“I have a close relationship with my customers, and it’s become part of our DNA to offer help wherever we can. Whether it is to inform them about a new and better product available in the market or suggesting better maintenance practices or helping with safety compliance, the CBC team are always just a phone call away from jumping to assist.”