When peak harvest season is on, harvesting equipment goes into overdrive under some tough conditions. And tough conditions in the field, require even tougher belt solutions.

“The driven parts on harvesters can be powered by up to a dozen belts at a time, and belts are one of the most common parts that we see requiring repairs and maintenance,” says Steve Hittmann.

As BSC’s National Product Manager for Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives, he asserts that reducing the cost of belt replacements and the risk of downtime during a harvest are two key considerations in his line of work.

“Belts used in agricultural machinery go through a lot of dynamic conditions. So, they need to provide high strength under tension and have the ability to be flexed in multiple directions around several pulleys,” he explains.

For the most demanding applications, he recommends the Super Ag-Drive®️ Belt by Timken, one of BSC’s premium partners.

A bit of background on the history of the Super Ag-Drive Belt is important in understanding exactly what makes them a reliable belt solution.

Timken Belts’ Super Ag-Drive product range contains more than 100 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing belt drive solutions, as it was acquired back in 2015 by Timken from the centennial-aged Carlisle company.

“The Timken® Super Ag-Drive®️ belts were originally designed to be OEM equivalent,” furthers Steve. “At BSC, we promote them as premium belt drive solutions because in some cases we have seen these belts outperform the OEM belts in terms of reliability.”

The Super Ag-Drive belt series includes v-belts, double-v, banded/joined and adjustable variable speed belts, which have all been designed specifically for use on harvesting equipment.

According to Steve, what makes them a premium belt solution is the manufacturing technique and materials that are used in their production.

“The Super Ag-Drive variable speed belts are made with a material called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), a durable, heat and oil resistant material that doesn’t harden or glaze,” explains Steve. “The use of EPDM combines high wear resistance with high temperature resistance in application.”

Additionally, Super Ag-Drive belts are made with aramid cords, which offer high tensile strength and stability under high shock loads, notes Steve. “Tie-bands woven into the belt composition strengthen the construction and prevent foreign material from damaging the belts and the drives.”

To summarise: “I would consider these belts to be an upgrade to any piece of equipment,” says Steve.

“BSC’s nation-wide network of branches and distribution channels positions us well for serving the agricultural segment,” says Steve. “We pride ourselves on being stock-ready with belt and drive solutions that will be reliable and durable through multiple harvests.”

That said, Steve does recommend that customers start checking the condition of their belts early in the season to plan ahead. “Taking extra care in monitoring the condition of belts will avoid breakdowns when the harvest is in full-swing.”


SUPER AG-DRIVE® belt series features:

  • Made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM): specially designed rubber intermixture that provides greater resistance to stretching.
  • High wear resistance: reinforced cord decorated with special components, providing flexibility and prevents the possibility of delamination of the rubber belt base.
  • Open lateral sides provide a better closing to the pulley to prevent glide.
    Tissue coverage in several layers sodded with synthetic rubber.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
    Resistant to chemicals and pollutants.
    High tensile strength of the belt is due to additional fibres.
  • Stability under high shock loads.
  • Durable and resistant to oil, heat, hardening and glazing.
    Improved service life.
  • US ISO 9001:2015-certified.