Virginia Farm Produce’s potatoes, onions and almonds are all grown on its own farms in the pristine conditions of Virginia and in Keith, in the South East of South Australia, ensuring consistent quality supply all year round. They supply the freshest quality produce to Australia’s leading supermarkets, market wholesalers and export markets.

When Virginia Farm Produce had an urgent request for bearings that they needed for their onion trimmers, CBC was ready to assist. The CBC team at our Para Hills branch worked together with our branch in Regency Park to efficiently secure the bearings for Virginia Farm Produce.

Due to unreliable delivery services during this COVID-19 pandemic, getting the bearings to Virginia Farm Produce promptly was not an easy task. If the bearings were not delivered the same day, it would have resulted in a huge loss of money and time for Virginia Farm Produce due to the onions needing to be manually processed. This is when CBC Sales Representative, Michael Williams, stepped in and collected the stock from our Para Hills and Regency Park branches to personally deliver the bearings to Virginia Farm Produce. The processing plant was located 40km away and Michael made it his prerogative to get the bearings to the client on the same day.

Due to the quick turnaround and the teamwork that our branch teams exhibited to secure the required parts for our customer quickly, West Virginia Farm Produce was able to continue their operations with no loss in production time. CBC was prepared to provide the best possible service by hand delivering the bearings to Virginia Farm Produce as this was the most reliable way to get the bearings to our customer immediately. Virginia Farm Produce’s Mark Hassel said, “this is why we deal with CBC, due to the exceptional service they provide.”

At CBC, we understand the importance of keeping our customers’ machines operating and preventing any unplanned shutdowns. Our teams are prepared to go above and beyond to provide reliable service to keep your plant operational. Our branches are stocked with critical parts and are ready to meet customer demand.

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