“Using a Gates® Predator™ v-belt, you can reduce the number of belts you have on your drive system by up to half,” says Motion Power Transmission expert, Rob Michelson. “In addition, because of its design, the Predator belt can improve the overall longevity of the equipment.” 

There’s no question as to the role that v-belts play in the mining industry, where heavy-duty equipment is used to move large amounts of materials over long distances. In this sector, belts play a critical role in ensuring that the equipment operates smoothly and efficiently. Without reliable v-belts, the machinery can break down, leading to costly downtime and lost productivity.  

“Downtime in the mining sector has a huge financial burden on any operation, so having equipment that isn’t lasting or needing constant repair work is something that people in this industry really want to try and avoid,” says Rob. 

The rugged terrain and harsh environmental conditions of the mining industry require belts that are built to withstand extreme loads, abrasion, and stretching, making it crucial to choose high-quality belts designed to withstand these conditions. 

“The belts have to be able to cope with extreme environmental factors like heat and abrasion, many are not able to withstand this sort of pressure for long periods of time, which usually results in downtime when belts are in need to be replaced or repaired,” Rob says. 

Rob, a product manager with more than 35 years of experience in power transmission products, including belts, chains, gearboxes, and couplings, explains that Gates® Predator™ v-belts offer exceptional performance compared to traditional v-belts. 

“With their robust, abrasion-resistant outer layer, the cords are made out of an aramid or Kevlar cord, which is a lot stronger than traditional polyester,” Rob says. 

As the inventor of v-belts back in 1917, Gates® has been at the forefront of belt technology. These belts provide excellent resistance to oil, heat, and other harsh environmental conditions, making them a perfect choice for the demanding requirements of mining applications.  

“Because of the non-self-igniting feature of the belt, the belt won’t catch fire from heat build-up, even with severe slippage,” Rob says.  

A significant benefit of the Predator™ belts is that they are practically maintenance free. Due to their durable construction and unique features. The belts are made using advanced materials, crafted through a unique manufacturing process that provides the belts with superior strength, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear.  

“The unique nature of the construct of the belt means that they’re virtually maintenance free,” says Rob. 

As the mining industry continues to face mounting pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, finding sustainable solutions has become a top priority. The Predator™ v-belts, which offer longer equipment life, can result in positive environmental impacts. By reducing the need for new equipment production, it results in lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, making the belts an environmentally responsible choice for mining companies. 

“Reducing environmental impacts in the mining sector is a challenge, but having a product that’s going to last means an overall reduction in the need for new equipment, resulting in lower energy use across the board,” Rob says.  

As the largest distributor of Gates® products, Motion provides technical support to customers who need help with their drive systems. 

“We have technical people like myself who are able to support the customers with the technical experience and help them reduce downtime in their plant and uptime in production,” Rob says. 

In addition, Motion has access to Gates®’ design programs, allowing them to analyse a customer’s drive system and offer better options. This ensures that customers are using the most efficient drive system possible, promoting sustainability, and reducing environmental impact. 

“It’s a real advantage that Motion offers, being able to analyse a mine’s drive system prior to offering solutions means that the best possible solution can be provided to the customer,” Rob says.  

Motion’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service sets them apart from their competitors. They go above and beyond to ensure that their customers receive unparalleled expertise and support. Their dedicated team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns from customers, ensuring a seamless experience and maximum satisfaction. With Motion and Gates®, mining companies can improve their sustainability efforts while achieving maximum productivity and efficiency. 

“Customers have the best of both worlds, not only can they gain access to some of the best v-belts on the market, but through Motion’s expertise and customer support, they’re going to get the most out of their product in the long run,” Rob says.   

Predator benefits 

  • Predator™ v-belts provide superior power transmission compared to conventional belts, with the ability to transmit up to 50% more power.
  • Offer higher resistance to wear and tear, allowing for higher tension and increased durability in tough mining conditions.
  • Choosing Predator™ v-belts can have a positive impact on the environment, as longer equipment life leads to fewer replacements and less material waste.
  • With their high strength and durability, Predator™ v-belts help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of mining equipment.
  • Up to 2.2 time more power than standard v-belts.
  • Double layer bare back cover protects against slippage and punctures.
  • No-need for constant re-tensioning. 
  • No increase in shaft load.