Mobile fleet and fixed plant applications play a key role in the day-to-day operation of a working mine. In the mining sector, heavy machinery often operates 24/7, under arduous working conditions. To sustain the reliability and productivity of these machines, using high quality hydraulic oil is paramount.

Hydraulic oil plays a pivotal role in the efficiency of these machines. The type of oil is also very important – lower viscosity lubricant performs better in colder conditions, and higher viscosity lubricant in hotter climates.

Gulf Western Oil established in 1988 and have been embracing the design of oil specifics and providing it to the Australian market. Using only the highest quality virgin-based oils, the company boasts some of the highest OEM approvals in today’s market.

To keep mining machinery and processing equipment in pristine condition, Gulf Western Oil provides the ideal solution:


Superdraulic Indestructible Range:

Available in ISO Viscosity Grades 46 and 68, The Superdraulic Indestructible range offers an elite level of performance and protection for hydraulic systems. The Indestructible Range of hydraulic fluids allow high class performance across varying temperature ranges and environments offering incredible performance and protection from the start to the end of operation.


Summary of Benefits:

• Offers enhanced protection even in Caterpillar hydraulic systems requiring a minimum 0.09% zinc.

• Very high oxidation stability offering extended service to 6,000 hours and beyond with regular oil testing.

• Excellent demulsification properties.

• High corrosion protection for both steel and non-ferrous metals.

• Both wet and dry filterability capabilities.

• Exceptional shear stability through ultra-shear stable viscosity modifier technology

• Excellent flow and performance even in cold starts.


Top Dog Indestructible 15w-40

A semi-synthetic, heavy duty diesel engine oil containing indestructible technology designed to protect high powered, turbo charged engines. The unique formulation contains performance enhancing and wear protection technology that significantly exceeds the requirements of the new API CK-4 lubricant specification and previous specifications including API CJ-4.


Summary of Benefits:

• Superior fuel economy through reduced friction.

• Extended drain intervals.

• Improves oxidation control.

• Suitable for exhaust gas recirculation or selective catalytic reduction.

• Low SAPS formulation providing suitability for diesel particulate filters.

• Allows for a cleaner engine that offer increased service life.

• Improved shear stability resulting in decreased oil consumption.


Black Tak Grease

Black Tak is a severe duty 5% molybdenum disulphide lithium complex mine and quarry grease. Specifically formulated for use in a wide range of quarry and mining equipment operating under heavy loads and harsh environments. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enable the grease to give long service life and outstanding boundary lubrication under high load and shock loading conditions from low temperature to very high temperature environments.


Summary of Benefits:

• Extreme pressure, boundary protection and anti-wear properties.

• Excellent resistance to water spray offs and wash outs.

• Protection against rust, oxidation, and wear.

• Contains a high level of molybdenum disulphide to protect against impact, sliding mechanisms and assist extended lubrication intervals.

Gulf Western Oil have a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in helping customers choose the best product for their needs. Industry Motion is the trusted advisor to industry and provide a wealth of information on the mining segment – contact your local Motion branch today for assistance on Gulf Western Oil products and services.