The trademark LOCTITE® red bottles are recognised globally for their effectiveness and reliability in maintenance and repair – and the LOCTITE MRO kit, which comes in a toolbox of the same trademark red colour, provides industrial businesses with an essential range of LOCTITE products devised to prevent downtime, save time, improve safety and reduce costs.

“The MRO kit carries a range of the key LOCTITE products that any manufacturing operation is likely to use in their maintenance work,” enthuses BSC Product Manager Michael Rowe, who is an expert in adhesives and sealants. “It’s an excellent kit to have on site, providing a variety of products that can save you throughout a working day from nut and threadlockers to instant adhesives, retaining compounds, metal repair and primers – it also provides these items in small quantities, so it acts as a great sampler for users to get a feel for the whole range, and then they can choose larger quantities as needed.”

Designed for portability, the LOCTITE MRO kit comes in an easy-to-carry toolbox that can be secured by the owner or user.  

“It’s not dissimilar to a tackle box in size but its rugged and lockable, and truly fit for purpose with the necessary tools to prevent downtime and keep maintenance costs low,” elaborates Michael. “Because all the products are kept contained in this box, it’s handy to take to the machinery or piece of equipment needing maintenance – you don’t have to go back and forth to the workshop. Additionally, it minimises products being spread around a workshop space, because they are stored in the toolbox, you’re less likely to lose or misplace them.”

Importantly, BSC is not only a supplier of the LOCTITE MRO kit but can also facilitate an MRO workshop with customers through their partnership with Henkel. These workshops help businesses identify areas where they could improve maintenance processes, by providing them with hands-on training using LOCTITE products. 

“The MRO kits are a fantastic complement to the MRO training workshops that Henkel provide and that readers can arrange through their local BSC branch,” Michael explains. “Because they have the essential items, it enables customers to go straight out to their job site and use them after the training, ensuring that they are getting the best results from proper use and application.”  

According to Michael, the most common downtime causes are preventable. 

“Whether it’s a large factory or a small family-run farm operation, if a business takes a proactive approach to maintenance, many of the issues around equipment failure can be averted,” says Michael – who is not only a senior product and training manager at BSC Australia, but also worked with Henkel for over 10 years, leading a team of professional trainers. “The investment in one of these kits is minimal; a few hundred dollars. A shutdown of your operation due to machine failure? Well, that could range from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the scale of your production.”

For businesses interested in purchasing an MRO kit or participating in a workshop, Michael recommends getting in touch with their nearest BSC branch. 

“Our staff are well-versed in the LOCTITE range of products including these MRO kits which are popular with our customers,” he concludes. “We can also help facilitate a Henkel workshop at your local branch.” 

The LOCTITE® MRO Kit contains:

• Loctite® 243 Nut Lock Medium Strength (50ml)

• Loctite® 263 Stud Lock High Strength (50ml)

• Loctite® 268 Threadlocker High Strength (19g)

• Loctite® 401 Instant Adhesive (25ml)

• Loctite® 438 Instant Adhesive (25ml)

• Loctite® 515 Master Gasket (50ml)

• Loctite® 567 Master Pipe Sealant (50ml)

• Loctite® 569 Hydraulic Sealant Medium Strength (50ml)

• Loctite® 609 Retaining Compound Medium / High Strength (50ml)

• Loctite® 680 Retaining Compound High Strength (50ml)

• Loctite® 7471 Primer (133g)

• Loctite® Anti Seize Stick (20g)

• Loctite® Freeze and Release (310g)

• Loctite® Metal Magic Repair (113g)