The ability to shape and join metals is integral to the construction of large-scale machinery and infrastructure. In Australia, metal fabrication capabilities have come a long way since the industrial boom of the 1950s, requiring the flexibility to adapt in a rapidly evolving market.

Everywhere we look, metals act as the framework that holds much of our modern world together, so it’s extremely important that fabrication and joinery of different components are handled with the utmost precision. The high demand for complex design, sophisticated equipment, and fast turnaround means that workshops cannot afford to compromise on the performance of consumables like cutting lubricant.

When reaming, tapping and drilling, engineers should opt for a high-quality solution to avoid friction and protect the surface area. Broken tools, scrap parts, and poor surface finish are all indicators that the cutting lubricant in use might not be effective.

Favoured by workshops Australia-wide for decades, the Rocol RTD heavy duty cutting lubricants from ITW Polymers & Fluids offers total versatility across sawing and die-cutting operations. These hand-applied products are proven to extend tool life, improve surface finish and increase metal removal rates.

Rocol RTD Liquid

Available in a 500ml squeeze bottle, or 5L and 20L jerry cans, this viscous fluid is suitable for all metals including hardened steels, titanium, and nickel alloys. It contains extreme pressure additives that make reaming, tapping and drilling a much smoother process with premium results. The liquid flows directly onto the cutting edge, offering full penetration into deep holes and slots.

Rocol RTD Compound

A paste form alternative, the RTD Compound is a soft, low mantling point lubricant that is suitable where firm adhesion to the tool or workpiece is required. By minimising metal-to-metal contact, the compound drastically bolsters cutting performance and improves reliability of a clean finish.

The thicker paste allows the drill or implement to be coated prior to starting the operation, and can be re-applied without halting the task. When the action of cutting commences, the compound is activated by low-level heat and converts into liquid form, which flows directly onto the cutting edge.

Rocol RTD Spray 

Sometimes, cutting takes place on large and difficult to manoeuvre pieces, adding time spent accounting for safety. In today’s manufacturing environment, reducing downtime is critical to increase productivity and accuracy when cutting and fabricating materials.

To combat this, Rocol RTD is also available in an aerosol can, offering a more convenient, cleaner, and safer application in hard-to-reach places (such as inside narrow cylinders). It deposits a thin, concentrated film on the cutting interface without having to halt operation, also preventing lubricant overconsumption. The directional nozzle offers extreme accuracy, and prevents product contamination for an effective, on-hand solution.

The Rocol name has become synonymous with optimum performance and technically advanced products, created with everyday engineering challenges in mind. Manufactured in Wetherill Park in Sydney, this portfolio sets the national benchmark for cutting fluid technology. To learn more, visit your local Motion Australia branch and speak to a product expert.

Why does Eddie the Engineer recommend Rocol RTD?

• Improves thread and surface finish

• Prolongs tool and die life

• Can be easily applied to difficult areas

• Provides excellent penetration into deep holes and slots

• Mitigates the need for welding and is ideal for difficult metals