The most unproductive time when welding is usually the time spent walking to and from the power source to adjust the welding parameters. Depending on the job, an operator might make multiple trips to adjust the welding parameters like voltage and amperage, which in turn, reduce operator productivity and expose welders to higher workplace risks.

The Miller Dimension 650 multi-process inverter welding machine resolves this issue by utilising Miller’s ArcReach® remote control technology. An industry-exclusive technology, ArcReach by Miller uses the existing weld cables to communicate welding control information between the feeder and the power source. This allows the operator to adjust welding parameters at the point of use with no requirement for control cords.

In Australia, Miller welding machines are available through WIA, as well as distributed nationally through BSC’s branch network. BSC Product Manager, Michael Rowe, says all BSC branches have access to the full range of Miller welding equipment, including the new Miller Dimension 650 welder with ArcReach technology. 

“At BSC, we have had years of experience supplying welding equipment to every industry. Working closely with WIA, we can recommend the most suitable welding equipment for any application. If BSC branches don’t have a Miller product readily available in stock, we work with WIA to deliver the product and the required accessories to customers
within minimal time.”

Matthew Hefferan, Business Development Specialist at WIA, says switching between multiple accessories is easy when using the Dimension 650 with ArcReach. 

“ArcReach accessories including the ArcReach® SuitCase 12, the ArcReach® SmartFeeder and the ArcReach® Stick/TIG Remote are compatible with Miller’s engine-driven equipment, as well as with selected ArcReach-equipped power sources, including the Dimension 650 multi-process welder and the Miller Big Blue 400X.

“When an ArcReach accessory is connected to the Dimension 650 welder and communication is established between the two, the Auto-Process Select feature enables the system to automatically change to stick or MIG/FCAW (with gas) if electrode positive polarity is detected, or TIG or FCAW (no gas) if electrode negative polarity is detected,” he says. 

Fuhai Liu, WIA Product and Sales Manager, says by providing easier control of weld parameters, ArcReach technology also reduces the risk of welding defects.

“Selecting the right voltage and amperage settings is critical to high quality welding. When access to the power source is difficult or time-consuming, operators often tend to set the power source to a certain voltage and then just adjust the amperage by changing the wire feed speed. But this is not an ideal process to achieve the most optimum results. That’s where remote controlling capabilities with ArcReach show their benefits.”

The Miller Dimension 650 power source is typically used for heavy industries such as mining and heavy fabrication where high welding output is required. Even prior to Miller introducing the ArcReach technology, the machine was already well regarded for its safety and power efficiency in the heavy industrial range.

In addition to excellent stick and Lift-Arc TIG, the Dimension 650 also has excellent short-arc MIG characteristics for precise thin metal welding performance.

“The Miller Dimension 650 is the only power source machine of its calibre designed with a process selection for carbon arc air gouging. It comes with a gouging mode that offers full 650 amps of power at 100-percent duty cycle – making it ideal for heavy gouging,” says Fuhai.

“Further, the machine also offers considerable energy savings compared to conventional transformer-type welders. The Miller Dimension 650 draws only 47 amps at rated 100% load and can operate on a 50-amp service. This means you can get more welding done with less power,” he concludes.