Australia’s industrial businesses stand to benefit from the positive news that premium partner, Schaeffler, has expanded its range with the acquisition of BEGA International B.V., a leading manufacturer of rolling bearing mounting and dismounting products.

“This is fantastic news for our customers, as it means we will have access to a wider range of specialised tools – namely the induction heating devices for mounting and dismounting bearings,” explains Motion Australia Product Manager David Malthouse. “Specifically, the BEGA induction heating devices allow energy-saving heating of bearings and shorten their mounting time. This means there is no need for oil and gas, making the whole process more environmentally friendly, and safer.”

While BEGA, including the product brand BETEX, will be an independent entity within the Schaeffler Group, it will be added to the extensive portfolio that Motion Australia has available to customers. 

Headquartered in Vaassen, Netherlands, BEGA has been a manufacturer and distributor of special tools since 1978. Their rolling bearing mounting and dismounting tools are used in the production and maintenance departments of MRO and OEM companies.

Among the mounting tools for damage-free assembly of bearings are handheld precision heaters, induction heaters for bearings up to 3500kg, as well as specialised maintenance tools and accessories such as bearing fitting tool sets and hydraulic equipment.

“Correct assembly improves the life of your machinery, your productivity and the quality of your production,” says David. “It also means more uptime. However, when equipment does fail, it’s important that maintenance staff have access to the proper tools to make effective repairs. These BETEX branded bearing heaters are first class.”

Likewise, David points out that the dismounting tools are equally as important. 

“With the help of the right puller you can dissemble bearings quickly, safely and without causing damage to other componentry,” he adds. 

Importantly, David says the new relationship between Schaeffler and BEGA will mean Motion Australia’s customers will also have access to top-ranking maintenance and repair solutions.

“Together with our national footprint and the expertise of our staff, this translates to some highly innovative and future-forward maintenance tools,” he says. “We can work with our customers on total lifecycle solutions that include Schaeffler’s high quality bearings and powertrain components, as well as these specialised and intelligent mounting and dismounting tools.” 

Moreover, David points out that Schaeffler’s products come with excellent condition monitoring and predictive maintenance options.

“As we enter the fourth industrial revolution where connectivity through the Internet of Things is essential, knowing these intelligent products and solutions will serve you into the future is an advantage,” says David. “Schaeffler have been very progressive in this area, and we can certainly advise and work with our customers if they have questions about setting up smart solutions with their equipment.”

CBC Australia – one of Motion Australia’s key businesses – has been “partnered” with Schaeffler for over 60 years. This latest acquisition further cements the value of that relationship for businesses in the industrial sector. 

“We greatly value our relationship with Schaeffler – their R&D technology and manufacturing know-how are second to none and their products are highly respected in the market,” says David. “Having this additional range of products just adds more value to our customers, particularly with our distribution reach and experienced and dedicated team of staff across Australia.”