When it comes to rust removal, the science behind it is the key to developing right formula. Common rust removers are often highly acidic and can damage material on contact, points out Steve Keown, BSC Product Manager for Lubricants, Degreasers and Solvents. 

Research from the Worldwide Corrosion Authority (NACE) has shown that the effect of corrosion contributes to an average 4 per cent of global gross domestic product. If deducted from Australia’s GDP, this indicated that an estimated $78 billion is being spent on remediating assets affected by corrosion every year in this country. 1 

CRC made a global acquisition of the EVAPO-RUST brand in April 2021 after evaluating it as a synergistic fit to CRC’s existing corrosion protection portfolio. It also builds on the company’s commitment to deliver eco-friendly solutions for rust treatment and corrosion prevention, according to David Bailey, National Business Development Manager for Mining.

EVAPO-RUST® uses pH neutral organic compounds to remove harsh corrosion through a process called ‘selective chelation.’ Chelation means ‘to bind’ and works by using a sequestering agent to bind to metal molecules and remove them without doing damage to the hosting object. 2 

“The active ingredient in EVAPO-RUST bonds exclusively to iron, explains David. “This makes it ideal for industrial manufacturing and steelwork. Once the chelating agent has removed the iron, a sulphur-bearing organic molecule pulls it away from the chelator and forms a ferric sulphate complex which remains water soluble for easy wash-off.”

“Some of the most striking benefits about this product is that it has an long shelf-life, and it is also reusable,” David highlights. “A manufacturing plant can have a basin of the solution for de-rusting that can be used up until the point it is totally spent.” 

Globally, EVAPO-RUST has been successfully implemented across many industries including the production of automotive parts, engine cooling systems, agricultural equipment, and heavy equipment maintenance. The US military has adopted it in practice for cleaning tools, fleet engines and parts on their ground vehicles, seeing a significant reduction in maintenance times and costs. 3

According to Steve Keown, BSC is one of the early adopters of the EVAPO-RUST product in Australia, being among the first to introduce the product to a large customer base in the Australian market.

“Up to this point in time, rust-removal has always been a cumbersome chore across the industrial segment,” says Steve. “But since this product has come onto the market, the feedback we are getting from customers is that EVAPO-RUST is very easy-to-use and takes the work out of rust-removal.” 

“In addition to ease of use, EVAPO-RUST® is also safe to use,” furthers Steve. “It is suitable on soft metals, plastic, rubber or painted surfaces. It has eliminated concerns about fumes by emitting none. Essentially, this is a highly effective rust removal formula that is non-flammable, acid-free, non-toxic and completely environmentally sound.” he adds.  

BSC have had a great partnership with CRC in launching new products, working closely with the senior management team at CRC often provide a platform for excellent customer service and product knowledge. CRC can participate in joint site calls with BSC staff and better connect with their end-users.

“We work in collaboration with CRC to provide market feedback to customers and engage them on new product trends,” concludes Steve.  


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