High load carrying capacity, robust design, and simplified installation are all features that describe the new plummer block and spherical roller bearing combination offered by the NTN-CBC division of Industrial Solutions Australia part of Motion Asia Pacific.

Already a strong force in the domestic bearing market, the joint venture formed between the Japanese-founded bearing manufacturer and Australia’s largest bearing supplier has been providing NTN bearings and CBC-branded bearing housings to a wide array of industries for many years. 

Earlier this year, the group launched the first NTN-CBC branded housing, in the SNG split plummer block range, culminating the group’s years of experience in housing design. 

NTN-CBC Australia (integrated with the Motion Asia Pacific-Industrial Solutions group of CBC, BSC and WebsterBSC businesses) has gone to great lengths in setting specifications for the housings to ensure that they are both durable
and versatile. 

Both NTN and CBC have extensive experience in providing bearing housing and sealing solutions. NTN is a global bearing manufacturer, and the CBC engineering team has decades of experience designing bearing housings. The new NTN-CBC branded SNG plummer block is the culmination of years of research by the team to come up with the optimum design in terms of durability, heat dissipation, protective sealing systems, and ease of re-lubrication.  

The SNG plummer block housings are designed on the principle of ‘building block’ to enable the appropriate choice of bearings and seals, as well as a
variety of mounting and lubrication methods. The units are supplied as a packaged assembly, comprising the plummer block, relevant seals, bearing, adapter sleeve and locating spacers.

The SNG plummer block housings are characterised by numerous advantages. Most notably, they are matched with NTN’s full range of Ultage series spherical roller bearings – NTN’s new generation of bearings offering up to five times longer service life and up to 20% higher allowable speed than previous NTN design. 

Universally, NTN Ultage spherical roller bearings have the highest dynamic load rating compared to other spherical roller bearings of the same series. In designing the SNG plummer block, NTN-CBC Australia’s primary goal was to develop a housing that could be fitted with NTN’s Ultage spherical roller bearings to ensure maximum performance from the unit.

The applicable NTN Ultage series spherical roller bearing range has on average 13% higher dynamic load rating than benchmark manufacturers. This equates to an average of 50% bearing life increase, depending on bearing size, and of course, the application conditions and environment.

In applications with increased potential for dirt and moisture ingress, these SNG housings can be matched to sealed spherical roller bearings in the NTN Ultage range for additional bearing protection. 

The application of NTN Ultage Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings can alleviate requirement for complex and more costly external housing seals to control contaminant ingress and bearing damage. Moreover, a significant reduction of lubricant replenishment and associated grease pollution is realised. 

For general industrial application duty, where operating speeds, load and temperature are moderate, NTN Ultage sealed spherical roller bearings up to bore diameter of 130 millimetres should not require re-greasing as they are pre-greased from the factory. For the larger size NTN sealed spherical roller bearings, the seals are easily removable and are of robust construction, allowing greasing with customer preferred lubricant, internal inspection, and easy internal clearance setting.  

As greasing requirements may vary from application to application, it is recommend to still consult local CBC, BSC or WebsterBSC branches in the first instance before re-greasing the bearings.

Another important advantage of the SNG plummer block housings is that they can be fitted with a variety of seals, including split double lip seals, split felt insert seals, V-ring seals, taconite seals and closed end plates. This provides users with maximum reliability and versatility. 

The SNG plummer block housings can accommodate shafts ranging from 30 to 140 millimetres in diameter, making them suitable for applications such as belt conveyors, mine ventilators, exhaust and flue gas fans, generator flywheels, and belt drives. Corresponding to and beyond these sizes, the CBC range of SSND, SDD and CSDD split plummer blocks in ductile iron are available up to 450 millimetre shaft size, featuring the unique CBC ‘Scorpion’ Taconite Seal. 

The Scorpion Seal integrates all rotating contact and non-contact sealing components into one wear-resistant, thermoset polyurethane part. This ensures no undesirable metal-to-metal rotating contact, permits greater shaft misalignment and incorporates an external face seal lip as a front line defence against heavy contamination.  

Again, this extensive range of plummer block housings is matched to the NTN Ultage spherical roller and sealed spherical roller bearing series.

The SNG housings themselves can withstand high impact and tensile loads as they are of reinforced design manufactured from ISO.200 grade cast iron material. Cap securing bolts are high tensile grade 8.8. Other design features such as cap separation notches and housing centreline position markings make it easy to install and align the units on site to minimise downtime. An accurate grease guiding system complements the housings’ design. The units have BSP threaded holes in two locations for re-lubrication through either centrally or via side chambers, as well as threaded grease drain ports. 

The NTN-SNG plummer block housing package solution is because of the manufacturer support from NTN and CBC’s engineering teams that makes this solution truly fit-for-purpose. The NTN-CBC Australia team strive to ensure you have the right solution for all of your rotating needs at your disposal within minimum time, delivering trouble-free operation.