With sustainability on the forefront of the of the agenda for mining, quarrying and heavy earth moving companies, suppliers have experienced a huge uptick in the demand for zero impact cleaning products in recent years.

“Heavy industry has shifted with the move toward greater Corporate Social Responsibility. New standards and regulations from local and governing bodies have motivated companies to buckle down on their sustainability targets,” says Michael Greelish, Motion Australia’s National Business Development Manager.

“As a result, mining, quarrying and resources managers are now seeking to procure greener product solutions that will offset the environmental footprint of their operations. And in many instances, the green product solutions we supply now take precedence over standard products.”

When it comes to leading the charge on developing greener products for heavy industry, CRC has managed to stay ahead of the curve with the introduction of their Bio-Degreaser formula. Bio-degradable, non-toxic, pH balanced, and water soluble– CRC’s Bio Degreaser offers next generation green cleaning technology without compromising performance. 

“With our innovative Bio-Degreaser, we are purposefully demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and setting a new standard for cleaning and degreasing solutions,” says Melanie Mangos, Head of Industrial Sales at CRC Industries Australia. 

On quarrying site where dust, dirt and contaminants are prevalent, it’s necessary to routinely degrease parts and components to keep them in working order.

The CRC Bio-Degreaser is an industrial strength, robust, concentrated formula that is non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and solvent free. Safe for use on most metal surfaces, the Bio-Degreaser is capable of cleaning engine and motor parts, generators, compressors, bearings, chain, screens and hydraulic systems– quickly and effectively. 

“CRC Bio-Degreaser is an extra heavy-duty cleaner, its formulation penetrates to dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants – safely. Our diverse end users love the strength of its cleaning solution,” says Melanie.  

“CRC Bio Degreaser is water soluble and works well on all metals and alloys which is one of the reasons our customers trust the product,” she concludes. 

As a world leading supplier of premium quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion and maintenance products, CRC has enjoyed a prosperous working relationship with Motion Australia and their customers in the mining and quarrying sectors for decades. Both companies acknowledge the importance of reducing the environmental footprint of the heavy industrial sector.  

For more information on CRC Bio-Degreaser and CRC’s range of environmentally friendly cleaning and degreasing products, visit your local Motion Australia branch and speak to one of our experts today.

CRC Bio-Degreaser

Features and Benefits: 

• Biodegradable

• Non-flammable and non-toxic

• Solvent free

• Water-based

• Industrial strength

• Concentrated

• Dilutable depending on application

• Environmentally friendly

• Neutral pH

• Safe on most materials

• Available in 20L, 205L, and 1000L containers