As a trusted supply partner of Motion Australia, CRC is focused on making environmentally conscious products which makes a positive impact for mining and quarrying sites, through various low‑impact maintenance products. In providing environmentally conscious products this creates efficient lubrication and cleaning solutions.

CRC is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring their operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution and preserves natural resources. This is done through using sustainable materials while ensuring compliance with prescribed quality and safety regulations.

“Our role at Motion Australia is to help introduce these products to the mining industry and make sure they are readily available,” says Steve Keown, National Product Manager for Lubricants and Lubrication Products at Motion Australia. “It is crucial that these sectors transition to a maintenance plan that aims to minimise pollutants as well as risks to staff.”

The CRC range is backed by the expert advice of health, safety and environmental (HSE) managers, who work closely with customers and Motion Australia businesses, such as CBC, to implement the best-suited processes for safe cleaning. Where these products are applied across multiple points within a plant, mining companies can build stronger momentum towards significantly reducing their material impact on local surroundings.

CRC Brakleen® Water Based

A more eco-friendly expansion on the CRC range of heavy duty mechanical maintenance products, this non-toxic cleaner can be applied on brake and clutch parts, as well as general mechanical equipment. It is pH neutral, non-corrosive, solvent free, non‑flammable, and biodegradable and safe for staff to use within confined spaces.

All of the ingredients are easily decomposable. This formula is designed for safe removal of grease, oil brake fluid, and hardened deposits without the need for equipment disassembly, which increases overall production time and reduces maintenance costs.

CRC Bio Degreaser

CRC’s aim to implement greener solutions on a broad scale is exemplified with the Bio Degreaser product.

Bio Degreaser is pH neutral, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive, without compromising on industrial grade cleaning power. It has proven high performance on engines, bearings, motors, chains, conveyors, hydraulic systems and tapping applications. It has a range of different packs sizes which creates flexibility for the end user.

CRC SmartWasher® System

Already making waves within the Australian mining industry, CRC’s SmartWasher® system and accompanying Ozzy Juice form an innovative approach to parts cleaning that combines worker safety and increased sustainability on-site. According to Steve, this apparatus is a premium alternative to traditional solvent-based cleaners that is just as thorough in removing grease, crude oil, ink, varnish and burned-on carbon.

“The Ozzy Juice (which is the liquid) cleans the contaminants off the parts and the microbes within the fluid cleans the Ozzy Juice. It is a lot safer for both the environment and end user and has the economic benefits of not needing to replace cleaning fluid every month,” says Steve.

The SmartWasher® SW 37 unit, in conjunction with the new X1 Ozzy Juice has been manufactured specifically for the mining industry. CRC Australia has a national footprint with a technically proficient team well versed in working on site with CBC and the end users.