The CRC SmartWasher® Bio-remediating part washer system has been making waves in the Australian mining industry in recent years with its environmentally friendly approach to breaking down oil, grease and contaminants on heavy machine components using an organic degreasing solution called OzzyJuice. 

CRC Industries Technical Sales Executive, Ian Maguire, works on the front lines of the mining industry in Western Australia, specialising in Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) products and working out on mine site to train staff on the SmartWasher technology. 

“My main goal is to get in front of the end users of our SmartWasher system to facilitate optimisation and the correct use in application of the products,” says Ian. “This is best achieved by doing onsite training, surveying, and evaluating the specific requirements of applications on site, alongside their MRO team.” 

Ian notes that the CRC SmartWasher technology has been particularly successful on West Australian mine sites due to its ability to clean the region’s native red dirt from equipment. 

“The red dirt in this part of the country is notoriously difficult to clean off of parts,” says Ian. “It cakes and clings onto surfaces stubbornly, often proving to be a challenge for MRO staff. However, the CRC SmartWasher Bio-remediating part washer has demonstrated excellent cleaning power in even the toughest of cleaning applications with its unique, high-performing OzzyJuice degreasers. 

As part and parcel of the effectiveness of the system, SmartWasher accessories— the CRC OzzyJuice and the OzzyMat Filter— combine to create a premium cleaning solution that is completely safe for worker health and the environment, while eliminating concerns about hazardous waste disposal, according to Ian.

“Our team of material scientists use their extensive knowledge of surface technology to develop the OzzyJuice SW-X1 formula specifically for the mining industry to remove soot, grime, diesel fluid, tacky grease on gears and drive shafts and burnt on carbon,” he explains. 

“The CRC SmartWasher® system uses bio-mediation technology to essentially eat through oil, grease, and carbon-based contaminants,” he furthers. “The OzzyJuice formula is water-based, pH neutral, GHS non-hazardous, and meets the NSF A1 standard for health and safety. Additionally, the formula leaves behind no streaks or residue, is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Motion Australia is an exclusive distributor of the CRC SmartWasher® Bio-remediating part washer system in Australia and working together the two companies have cemented their relationship through a common goal of providing excellent MRO products, services, and training to customers. 

“Motion Australia Account Managers have great relationships with their customers which makes it easier for me to get onto these sites and present the SmartWasher products and applications,” says Ian. “Whenever possible, I try to get out to sites to provide Smartwasher demonstrations and work hands on with MRO teams to familiarise them with the system. These demonstrations speak a thousand words on the features and benefits of the SmartWasher products, which are easily realised by doing these on-site demonstrations,” he concludes.

Maddie the Miner: How to use your CRC SmartWasher

• After removing the SmartWasher from its packaging, check over pins and hoses to ensure they are in place

• Remove the false bottom of the sink and place an OzzyMat blue side (filter) down on the sink screen 

• Add required OzzyJuice fluid

• Plug the machine in to an outlet that is designated for the SmartWasher and switch on to heat it up

• Turn on the Power Switch and adjust the pressure of the juice and the nozzle

• Begin cleaning parts! 

• Using the brush clean down components which includes a button to run OzzyJuice through the brush

• Contaminants will be caught in the OzzyMat filter

• The OzzyJuice never needs to be changed, it just needs to be topped up intermittently, usage dependant.

• For maintaining the machine, once a month replace the OzzyMat, introducing a fresh dose of microbes, to ensure your cleaning efficacy remains constant day after day.