From humbling beginnings, British manufacturer, Joseph Henry Fenner began making belts in 1861, from a small industrial facility in Hull.

Now, 160 years later, the Fenner name has become synonymous with power transmission and is regarded in the industrial space as a global leader in full package drive solutions for mining pump applications.

Fluid transfer applications require sturdy and reliable Power Transmission (PT) components to perform efficiently. A good PT solution for fluid transfer can boost uptime and protect the integrity of the matter that a pump contains, whether that is oil, water or gas.

Enter BSC Product Manager Troy Markland — who has been managing a substantial portfolio of Power Transmission products for Motion Australia’s businesses for more than
40 years.

Troy speaks to BSC’s premium partnership with the Fenner company and their continued involvement in supplying Power Transmission solution products for mining pump applications.

“Fenner has a comprehensive list of drive designs and coupling arrangements for pump shaft applications such as v-belts, wedge belts, couplings, pulleys and taperlock products,” says Troy.

“Given that our team at BSC works so extensively with Fenner, there is definitely something to be said for such a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Power Transmission that we bring to the table in the mining segment.”

From the Fenner range, Troy recommends three core products for mining pump applications: The Fenner® Classic V Friction Belt, the Fenner® Friction Pulley, and the Fenner Taper Lock® Bush System.

“The Fenner® Classic V Friction Belt is used frequently on pump applications because the treated jacket on the belt makes it resistant to ingress of oil or water and it can stand up to friction and heat,” explains Troy. “This is good for conditions that may be less than ideal where fluid transfer is required.”

The Fenner® Classic V Friction Belt is also conducive to static in accordance with ISO 1813 and uses Precision Build (PB) technology that makes it fast and easy to change out — a true “fit-and-forget” drive solution.

“A fitting sister product to the Classic V Belt on mining applications is the Fenner® Friction Pulley,” notes Troy.

“The Friction Pulley is constructed out of high-grade iron and has a high load capacity. The pulleys have the option of being installed with a Fenner Taper Lock® Bush shaft fixing system for a fit that will greatly reduce the risk of the V belt jumping,” he explains.

“When you are dealing with a liquid transfer system that contains chemicals or substances, it is imperative that your drive solution is robust and reliable,” explains Troy. “Otherwise, you risk incidental leaks and health and safety issues.”

When it comes to selecting the right drive design for a pump system, Troy suggests mine site operators look to BSC for the necessary expertise, coupled with solid connections to key Power Transmission suppliers like Fenner who readily provide useful consult.

“We have access to a diverse range of PT solutions for pump applications which positions us well to accommodate customers who are committed to installing safe and reliable pump solutions,” concludes Troy.