Mobile machines on mine sites are essential workers, and similar to human resources, they need fluids to run efficiently. However, the quality of those fluids are integral to performance – which is why customers seek assurance from BSC in regards to their lubrication needs.

According to Steve Keown, BSC Australia’s National Product Manager for Lubricants, customers stand to benefit from BSC’s partnership with Shell by Viva Energy Australia, in terms of both the supply of quality products, and in having access to local expertise.

“Shell is the number one brand globally and we are providing a top-of-the-line solution to our customers that is unsurpassed in the market,” enthuses Steve. “Shell has a long history of research and development when it comes to lubricants for mining and quarry applications – they work very closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure the lubricants will provide operational efficiency for equipment.”

Of course, preventing downtime is high on the agenda.

“Shell has been providing lubrication products to this sector for nearly 100 years,” explains Steve. “They have a very long history of tailoring lubricants to a specific application and providing a cost effective solution to prevent the unforeseen downtime of equipment.”

Importantly, Steve says BSC work together with Shell to match the right products to suit each customer’s application and can ensure the lubricants are complying with OEM warranty requirements.

“Customers can be confident in the quality of the lubricants and assured that their manufacturer’s warranty is in place – which is very important,” expands Steve.  “As a national distributor of Shell products, we can also offer customers access to services such as the Shell technical help and Lube Analysis, which tracks how a lubricant is working on a particular piece of equipment.”

Having this support and analysis offers customers peace of mind.

“It takes the arduous work out of the customer’s hands knowing that they have local technical backup,” explains Steve. “In addition to that, dealing with a brand such as Shell hand-in-hand with BSC, they can be secure in the fact that they have premium support in place.”

This is where BSC’s partnership with the global Shell Brand proves particularly beneficial for customers.

“We are currently working closely with a customer where we are facilitating with Viva Energy’s Shell Lubricants technical engineers to perform trials on some of our customer’s equipment,” Steve expounds. “It’s a very open line of communication between BSC, our customer and Shell, who is a global leader. Essentially, we are providing high-level global assurance on a local level.”

Moreover, customers can rely on BSC to help them manage their inventory and lubricant usage.

“In our experience, customers want to use a brand and product that is suitable to their application and minimise inventory as much as possible,” explains Steve. “The Shell Lubricants range often ticks all the boxes, as it covers all major mining equipment needs, however, we will work with our customers to select and match the right lubricant to their application.”

Beyond the supply of lubricants, Steve says BSC provide their customers with hands-on site services.

“We will come out to site, take stock at the site, and arrange the monthly ordering, lubricant transfer equipment, and any other solutions the customer may need,” he says. “We’re really a one-stop-shop for pumps, transfer equipment, spill equipment and lubricants.”

Significantly, customers have access to Premium Partner services, such as Viva Energy’s Shell Lubricant Technical Help Desk.  Michael Greelish, BSC’s National Segment Manager for Mines and Quarries highlights this aspect in particular.

“The Shell Lubricant Technical Help desk is a fantastic resource that is available to our customers at BSC who purchase the Shell mining lubricants,” says Michael. “The support number they offer provides troubleshooting and advice. They also have online apps for lube matching and analysis.”

According to Michael, the oil analysis is particularly useful to customers.

“This service allows customers to monitor and compare the performance of oils and machinery,” he concludes. “This ultimately helps them optimise their maintenance and improve the efficiency of their critical mining machinery.”