When asked about the features defining suitable gear reducers for the mining industry, Lee Quigley, Head Product Management and Global Sourcing, points out the ease of installation and the ability to resist contamination.

In 2015, BSC joined hands with bulk material handling solution provider, ABB, to launch a bulk material handling program, which would consult companies on how to upgrade and improve their existing conveyor belts using the latest ABB solution on offer: The Dodge Motorised Torque Arm II, better known as
the MTAII.

“These drives are designed exclusively for belt conveyor applications and are primarily used in the cement and quarry, grain-handling, and power plant industries,” says Lee. “They have the capacity to be mounted on any standard AC motors and the patented Dodge twin-tapering bushing system allows for easy mounting and dismounting.”

The MTAII is available in single drive assembly, dual drive assembly or screw conveyor drive assembly. Each one is built using heavy-duty tapered roller bearings and case carburised gears throughout.

To meet efficiency needs, the MTAII is compact and economic on space, as well as being designed to meet AGMA standards to the strictest measures. A lip sealing system prevents ambient contamination from dust and other elements that could shorten the life of the gearbox. 

The drives are available in seven sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 75kW, with the broad Torque range up to 14,700 Nm. 

In recent years, ABB’s Dodge Motorised Torque Arm II drives have become one the most popular direct shaft mount gearboxes on the market due to their ease of use and flexibility for application. 

Nayan Bagal, the MTA Product Manager for ABB, discusses the design and development of these heavy-duty beltless direct drive solutions and how they can be tailored to meet the requirements of even the most demanding application.

“The MTA was first introduced in 2012 in Australia as the next generation of the reducers, improving on the internationally recognised Torque Arm II (TAII) belt drive reducer. The new product was developed from industry feedback and advancement of the TAII. As a result, the market embraced the product right from its launch due to its ease of installation, robust design and safe operation,” says Nayan.  

“The application engineering teams from BSC and ABB work closely with the end-user sites to address requirements, by providing joint visits to sites, collecting technical information, and designing and supplying a total solution. ABB is actively involved in after-sales support, assisting with installation and ongoing critical spares supply,” says Nayan. 

Halden Engela, Strategic Channel Partner and Account Manager at ABB Motors has been with ABB for more than eight years working on the MTA series. 

“The factory has the ability to customise and modify the drives. The customer can also purchase bolt-ons and add them as a retrofit. We provide superior technical resources. For example, we created the Dodge Passport – a conveyor selection program that allows the customer to do power selection. This tool enables the customer to calculate the power and select the gearbox. Alternatively, we visit the conveyors and assess them on how to improve the capacity of the conveyor,” says Halden. “We work closely with BSC on product support, customer calls and business development,” he adds. 

“ABB offers a single window product solution in the bulk material handling segment by supplying a complete package consisting of bearings, conveyor drum, reducer, motor, smart sensors, and variable speed drive, which is unique and gives customers end-to-end compatibility,” Halden highlights.

As far as the popularity of the Dodge MTA II product goes, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Lee says the BSC team has been restocking the units regularly across Australia to keep up with the demand from the mining industry.

“It’s been a very successful partnership with ABB over the years,” concludes Lee. “When you have a compact and rugged gearing unit that does what it promises to do, they just keep selling themselves.”  

Dodge MTA features:

• Compact space saving design

• Rugged and case carburised helical/bevel gearing

• Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings throughout

• Harsh-duty lip seals for extended wear and -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +300°F) temperature ranges

• Metal excluder shield sealing system with rubber contact lip

• Standard IEC B5 flange adapter or NEMA C-face motors

• Available in 7 sizes from 1.5 to 75 kW (3 hp to 100 hp)

• Torque range up to 14,700 Nm (130,000 in-lbs)

• Third party ATEX certified

• Drilled and tapped to accept safety end covers