A high-performance lubrication product in the mining industry will champion endurance and longevity. The INOX MX8 grease product from BSC’s premium partner Candan Industries does just that.

INOX MX8 is unique in that it can handle high pressure and variable temperatures. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties can significantly increase the service life of mining equipment. The shear stability, combined with the inclusion of effective rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, ensure this grease delivers quality protection.  

BSC are experts in lubrication products with a genuine interest in assisting their customers in selecting the right product for specific applications. According to Steve Keown, the National Product Manager for Industrial Solutions Australia (the umbrella brand comprising BSC and sister companies CBC and Webster BSC), they have been receiving positive feedback from customers due to the sheer versatility of INOX MX8. 

The grease can be applied to all bearings, chain drives, PTO (power take-off) shaft splines and couplings, ball joints, universal joint, control cables, tie rod ends, turntables, pins, bushes and hinges used above and below ground. 

As if that offering is not significant enough, INOX MX8 can also be applied to all electric motors, solenoid shafts, pumps, draglines, dump trucks, grading and sorting machinery, conveyors and all other mining machinery components and equipment. MX8 is also available in aerosol form, which allows for more precise application. 

Steve sums it up by saying, “customers like the fact that inventory can be consolidated with the use of MX8 due to its versatile lithium complex thickener, excellent resistance to temperature extremes from water resistance, shear stability, along with an extreme pressure characteristic, providing a fit for purpose solution for many applications. The aerosol product is suited for applications like chains and sprocket lubrication and cable lubrication, allowing the product to be sprayed on providing a quick and easy application solution.”

Load capabilities are not the only factor to look at when selecting the right grease. Temperature rating, water resistance, oxidisation and speed ratings are also relevant. Angela Chardon, the Managing Director at Candan Industries explains that INOX MX8 extreme pressure grease scores well above average in all areas, making it an excellent choice for earthmoving equipment and heavy machinery.

“MX8 has extremely high load capabilities of greater than 600kgf, excellent resistance to water washout and outstanding High temperature capabilities allowing your heavy machinery to run at peak performance for a longer period of time.  Perfect for a wide range of applications including Bearings, bucket pins, universal joint, PTO Spline shafts, tie rod ends, bushes and many more, making MX8 an easy choice for all heavy machinery applications.” 

Angela highlights the common problem of oxidization in other grease products and how Candan innovated the chemical compounds in their grease product to set a new standard. 

“MX8 has a high resistance to oxidation, salt, chemicals and drying. After a couple of years, if not stored correctly, grease can spoil; that’s why we’ve added certain corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidant additives into it.”

Other competitive advantages that MX8 hold are a longer shelf life and less frequent re-lubrication requirements. 

“Because of the PTFE, the high temperature, and the high extreme pressure tolerance he MX8 grease will last longer on the shelf. A lot of automotive greases only have temperature rating of up to 120 degrees and do not contain the additives to achieve longevity.” 

INOX MX8 is manufactured with high quality premium components, from its lithium complex soap to its anti-corrosive elements, rust and oxidation inhibitors and anti-wear properties with PTFE helping to reduce wear, heat, and friction; making it perform and hold together in some of the harshest applications.

“The formula used in the MX8 allows it to cover such a diverse range of applications (high speed, low speed, high load, high temp) it will replace the several greases used in your workshop today. This means less stock holdings and it will take out the guess work of where to use what grease.”

Candan Industries places high value on their customer feedback. The aim is to provide industry with new products with innovated formulas. “INOX products are rigorously tested with each batch that is produced to make sure it aligns with our strict quality control and adhering to the correct specifications. We do cone penetration, oil separation, four ball weld, four ball wearing scar, dropping point wide temp range, so that we check the grease goes within parameters. We list the technical information on the label, so we must make sure the product adheres to those specifications,” adds Angela. Candan Industries is also a member of National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI), which is an internationally recognised institute that sets standards for specific grease testings.