Gold prospecting and mining has been inextricably linked with Queensland’s settler history since the 1850s. From the remote yet bountiful gold fields of the Palmer River, to the still fruitful broader Rockhampton region, the state’s economic and political timeline can be mapped in direct correlation with the value of this highly sought-after precious metal.

Today, the gold industry around Rockhampton and Bundaberg prioritises environmental stewardship and social responsibility, as many mining companies seek to work alongside traditional landowners and local communities to pursue a more ethical approach.

As Branch Manager at BSC Bundaberg, Dale Jackson has a long-standing relationship with one of Queensland’s most sustainability-conscious gold mining operations. He explains that this ongoing affiliation exemplifies Motion Australia’s core priority of investing in sustainable industrial operations.

“I have been going to their site as a sales representative for over 12 years. We have continued to move forward, supplying them with an improved range of quality products and solutions to support this vision of more ethical practices. It has helped us build trust as a key problem solver for them on site, and they can rely on us to be available should any issues ever arise.”

This particular customer practices a high degree of transparency when it comes to meeting international standards of ethics, in line with key rating agencies such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Australia. They are also openly committed to meeting statutory global climate initiatives such as the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

“Environmental impact is a primary concern for a lot of mining operations looking into the future,” Dale points out. “Every plant needs to incorporate sustainability efforts, and that means leaning on reliable equipment and in doing so enables us to supply this customer with premium solutions and contributing to that effort, essentially making it more streamlined and accessible for them to upgrade and become increasingly energy efficient.”

BSC’s relationship with key supply partners actively supports this important focus for Motion Australia. When dealing with this customer, Dale identified that their fleet of 12 dump trucks used cooling fans to prevent overheating on electrics and brake components, and identified that they were already using Rexnord’s durable range of Link-Belt Spherical Roller Bearings.

“As a leader in bearings and power transmission equipment, we align ourselves with only the best supply partners in the industry,” he says. “Rexnord is one of them, and they have developed a strong reputation within our customer-base as a genuinely excellent provider across many different sectors.”

The Rexnord Link-Belt series boasts a comprehensive portfolio of take-up assemblies, cartridges, inserts and split or solid housed pillow blocks. Their rugged cast iron or steel body provides utmost strength and misalignment capabilities, while also offering field adjustable clearance that is compatible with most standard systems. According to Dale, they are some of the most sought-after and practical bearing products in the Australian market.

“These unitised bearings allow for installation without exposing the internal components to the harsh environment of mining sites. If the plant experiences a windy day or there is lots of dirt around, that can cause issues like corrosion and grit damage. Because these units are sealed and ready to go, it makes it easier for the fitter to put it into service relatively quickly.”

The PLC Split Block Spherical Rollers are compatible with a diverse range of sealing options, including D8 Taconite, reinforced D5 Pentac flinger seals to protect against contamination, or T-seals for moisture-prone settings. Commonly applied in the mining industry due to their competitive load capacity and flexibility, the Link-Belt housing units can be drilled and tapped to accommodate sensors if necessary. Pry bar slots make opening the housing halves significantly easier, reducing downtime during installation and maintenance procedures.

“This durability against harsh environmental factors, like dust pollution, allows the bearing to keep operating at maximum capacity, and reduces wear for an extended product life cycle,” Dale explains. This is why his customer relies on the durability of the Rexnord Link-Belt Spherical Roller Bearings.

Backed by over 40 years of research and development in bearing technology, Rexnord provides innovative solutions to every-day problems within the mining and quarrying sectors. BSC’s national distribution network allows customers to have access to Rexnord’s broad range of industrial grade products, along with ongoing consultation and servicing from their technical team.

Decarbonisation in Australian gold mining

Reaching net-zero is rapidly becoming a primary focus for the national mining industries. As a growing investment opportunity and response to climate change, the adoption of green energy and decarbonisation are being heavily prioritised on a global scale. Australia is leading the way for responsible gold extraction, with many companies utilising new technologies to minimise their overall carbon footprint.