pplying corrosion resistant lubrication to every application in the mining industry from threads, sleeves, and bushes — to gears, chains, and sprockets—is good practice for extending the life expectancy of metal components, according to BSC’s Steve Keown.

However, the properties of anti-corrosion compounds often come under speculation when it comes to the environment. Corrosion resistant lubricants can often contain harsh chemicals due to the nature of metal chemistry, and Steve notes that sometimes it can be a bit counterintuitive using chemicals to counteract the effects of other chemicals.

“There has definitely been a shift towards more environmentally sensitive compounds across the mining sector,” he says. “Right now, we are seeing product developers leaning more on the properties of organic compounds and experimenting with ways to enhance those natural processes in lubrication and anti-corrosion products.”

As BSC’s National Product Manager for Lubricants, Degreasers and Solvents, it’s no surprise that Steve knows his stuff when it comes to metal protection. He has been working with Aussie-owned and operated supplier INOX, CBC’s premium partner, for decades to keep Australian mining equipment rolling with a sparkle.

But more recently, with organic products coming to the forefront of the market, it has really been INOX’s time to shine.

CBC National Segment Manager for Mining, Michael Greelish, recounts a recent site call he did to an Australian copper mine, where he used INOX’s MX4 LANOX to preserve some large sized bearing rings that were being prepared for long-term storage.

“The large slew bearing rings that I inspected need to be stored for up to 10 years,” explains Michael.

“I used the LANOX MX4 to prevent oxidation and rust from forming on the surface during that timeframe. The lanolin base of the formula helps to protect the bearings between applications, as it is a natural anti-corrosion compound that is not soluble in water and leaves a protective film behind without any dry or sticky texture.”

“I was able to provide our client with confidence that by treating all the metal services with the MX4 product, the bearings will be fit for purpose when they are required in the future.”

According to Steve, the MX4 LANOX is classed as a heavy-duty, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high‑grade oil and the lanolin base is a natural wax found in animal wool and commonly referred to as ‘wool grease.’

INOX’s literature for MX4 explains that the lanolin is a highly refined and purified natural wax. The lanolin grade used in this product is a high grade technical lanolin anhydrous that has been double screened within the initial refining process to remove impurities and contaminants, declaring “Lanolin has this incredible ability to be nature’s way of creating a protective coating from all the harsh elements.”

“Taking a cue from modern refining technology, we have been selling LANOX MX4 to customers in the mining segment for several decades,” comments Steve. ‘During this time, we have always received positive feedback from clients who comment on the versatility of the product.”

“From the use of LANOX MX4 for corrosion prevention and its water resistance, to the lubricating properties that are safe on plastic, paints and coatings, we have found it to be a must for the mining toolbox, service truck, and workshop.”