When considering safety at a mine or quarry site, protecting electrical components plays an important role in preventing potential hazards for the workers. As dust and dirt build up on electrical components, it makes the maintenance tasks a challenge in the absence of a suitable cleaning solution.

For Ben Warwick, Quarry Manager at McLennan Earthmoving, the solution for this problem comes in the form of a blue-capped aerosol, labeled: CRC CO Contact Cleaner. Warwick, who was first introduced to the product through BSC, says the CRC CO Contact Cleaner has proven very useful for McLennan in maintaining their electrical components.

“Every time we have an electrical issue and we need to inspect a switch or a connector or a greased up circuit, we just spray the CO Contact Cleaner on the equipment to clean the grease, so that we can attend to the problem safely,” he says. “The product is plastic safe, so we have the peace of mind that it does not damage any of the components. It also evaporates quickly, which makes the maintenance job easy for us.”

McLennan Earthmoving, a family-owned earthmoving business based in the Clarence Valley in New South Wales, has been working with BSC’s Grafton branch for over 20 years. A BSC sales representatives visits the McLennan Earthmoving site regularly to make sure they are well supplied with their required products.

BSC Grafton Branch Manager, Colin Johnson says the CO Contact Cleaner is one of the most popular CRC products for cleaning electrical parts.

“You can use the CO Contact cleaner for cleaning relays, switches, circuit breakers, alarm and signal systems, printed circuit boards, connectors, generators, contacts, laboratory and test equipment and more. The aerosol contains COZOL, which enhances the cleaning power without damaging plastics,” he says.

Continuing to innovate

David Bailey, CRC’s National Business Development Manager for Mining, says CRC is constantly developing new products to enhance the safety at mine and quarry sites.

“CRC is known to be a responsible supplier of cleaning products to the mining industry and as such, we continue to broaden our product range by moving towards more consumer-friendly and environmentally safe products,” he says.

One such innovation by CRC is the introduction of the CRC Fogger Sanitiser – an Australian-made industrial strength sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs and provides long lasting, residual protection.

Bailey says the CRC Fogger can be used by mines and quarries to easily sanitise an entire room or the inside of a commercial vehicle.

“When drivers of a commercial vehicle end their shifts or when a mining accommodation is vacated, you can just activate the CRC Fogger and then leave the enclosed space. The product will start working, getting into all the hard to reach spots to kill the germs that conventional cleaning techniques miss,” Bailey says. “You can use the CRC Fogger on a range of surfaces. CRC Fogger Sanitiser starts working instantly and can have sanitised a whole room in as little as 30 minutes.”

CRC Natural Degreaser is another product specifically suited to the mining industry, Bailey adds.

“The CRC Natural Degreaser consists of 60% D-Limonene, which is a citrus-based natural heavy-duty cleaner and extremely effective for dissolving and removing grease, oils, lubricants, adhesives and contaminants. You can use the Natural Degreaser during the decommissioning of draglines and it can effectively clean the black jack grease from all parts and components.”

With CRC offering such a wide range of cleaning products, Bailey says CRC and BSC can work together to help optimise the number of cleaning products used in mines and quarries.

“As part of CRC’s collaboration with BSC, CRC team members often accompany BSC representatives to their clients’ sites and survey the cleaning products inside a workshop’s cabinets, helping eliminate any redundancies. This will ensure that the BSC customer is aware of the suitable CRC products for their needs and can stock them accordingly.”