Advancements in bearing technology have allowed for smoother, more efficient food processing and packing lines. Avoiding part failure is crucial to minimising downtime and product loss, especially due to the time-sensitive nature of food safety. This is why ensuring that adequate bearings are installed that are capable of withstanding the harsh environmental factors of industrial sites.  

The repetitive movements of packing, filling, and palletising conveyors require robust, purpose-built bearing solutions. Ideally, these parts will be compatible with a broad range of housing and sealing options, and durable against thorough water and chemical washdown procedures.  

Since the 1950s, Schaeffler has been pioneering expert bearing and linear guidance system design. Catering to the mining, automotive and manufacturing sectors, the company places high value on superior product and ongoing development to meet market demands. For 60 years, CBC has been a proud distributor of Schaeffler product across Australia, growing a strong collaborative relationship with Motion Australia to keep key industries moving forward. 

Within the food and beverage sector, Schaeffler’s angular contact ball bearings are being applied across beer brewing, chocolate manufacturing, bakeries, and the dairy industry. The standard bearings fitted with machines and conveyors often rust and degrade within a few months, costing more for the business to replace with higher frequency. Investing in high performance, trusted bearing options from Schaeffler can guarantee longer service life, and less downtime due to fewer failures on site.  

The angular contact ball bearing cages are available in singular or double row units, constructed of polyamide, sheet metal or brass. The bearings themselves are self-retaining, capable of supporting heavy axial loads in both directions and high radial loads. Perhaps the most impressive feature is their compatibility with extreme temperatures, ensuring unwavering performance when integrated alongside food processing equipment like cool rooms and ovens. These ball bearings are suitable for use in temperatures of -30 ˚C through to 150˚C, and sizes over 240mm diameter can withstand upwards of 200˚C.

The highest concern when employing bearing products in food processing sites is their resistance to corrosion under harsh washdown procedures. Additionally, where bottling is underway, spillage and moisture are common factors to be aware of. When paired with food-grade sealants, Schaeffler’s angular contact bearings can have a high resistance to contaminants, and are easy to install, reducing the risk of accelerated wear. The Durotect B surface treatment provides a substantial protective layer against any corrosive material on food-grade conveyor parts. 

Leon Stefanec, Victorian State Sales Manager at Motion Australia, says that customers within the food and beverage industry have been consistently satisfied with the wear life and functionality of Schaeffler bearing solutions.

“The angular bearings have a lot of versatility, as they come in singular or double row units,” he explains. “That is very important when you are re-fitting larger sites or need interchangeable parts to work alongside each other easily. For that reason, a lot of our customers are attracted to Schaeffler – they know that a lot of their bases will be covered, which helps to minimise inventory clutter as well.”

All Schaeffler ball bearings are sold under the company’s X-life quality guarantee. This seal promises premium geometry and optimised surfaces, offering up to 50% longer service life and higher axial load capacity. The X-life design provides high dynamic and static load ratings, and efficient mounting procedures to kickstart line operation. Due to their considered design, these bearings will attract fewer maintenance costs and longer service life in a range of intensive industrial environments.