The recycling sector may not have been a core focus for ITW Polymers & Fluids in previous years, but it certainly is now as the industry experiences significant growth. With that growth, comes the need for plant and equipment reliability and uptime.

“We work with the BSC team to support the recycling sector, particularly with our wear and abrasion compounds which keep the equipment typically used in recycling plants working efficiently,” says Jason Richards, ITW Polymers & Fluids’ National Sales Manager for Heavy Industry.

Guided by continuous improvement and sustainable growth – and empowered as a best-option provider of engineered products and related services for industry – the BSC value proposition is as strong as ever. Their partnership with ITW Polymers & Fluids spans many years and is set up for mutual gain.

Combining the creative freedom of a small company with the resources of an international corporation, ITW Polymers & Fluids manufactures quality branded consumable products used in the industrial market segments of Australia and New Zealand.

Steve Keown, National Product Manager Lubricants & Lubrication Equipment at BSC, has

been working with ITW Polymers & Fluids since 2014, providing sales and technical product support, promotional builds, supplier liaison and interaction, brand-to-market processes through BSC business units as well as product and market development. He sees a number of shared benefits in the BSC and ITW Polymers & Fluids trading partnership.

“BSC business units have a close working relationship with the brands sold by ITW Polymers & Fluids, including innovative solutions that level and stabilise valuable vibrating plant and equipment, as well as a full suite of solutions that help maintain longevity and protect these assets from wear and break-down. The Epirez and Devcon products are perfectly suited to recycling plants and provide high quality solutions for our customers,” Steve says. “Our teams also work closely with ITW Polymer & Fluids staff to provide site surveys, inventory consolidation and problem solving.”Steve enthuses that the ITW Polymer & Fluids have such a respected name in the industrial space – and are fast-growing in the recycling sector – because their products are high quality, dependable and provide long-term value to plant, equipment and maintenance managers. This complements BSC’s commitment to customers, as the business at its core thrives on adding value to industry.

“BSC services are personalised to satisfy individual customer requirements and project scope. The ITW products meet and exceed expectations, which fits in with our promise to deliver successful solutions to the recycling industry,” says Steve, who adds that BSC have national and regional account managers that leverage the significant branch network for customer benefit. “Our national accounts product managers, sales representatives, and branch managers support the sales and promotion of products that help ITW Polymer & Fluids excel in the marketplace.”

Jason Richards is currently ITW Polymers & Fluids’ National Sales Manager – Heavy Industry and has previously held various sales and team leadership roles across the business.

“I’ve been with ITW Polymers & Fluids for 14 years,” he says. “Predominantly in the capacity of sales leadership for the account management and channel management teams.”

Supporting customers in the recycling sector, Jason defers to Steve’s expertise to source high-quality solutions. This involves incorporating products such as ITW Polymers & Fluids’ vibrating machinery stabilising compounds, non-slip floor coatings, concrete repair epoxies and cement systems (Epirez); commonly used in industrial plant facilities. Wear and abrasion epoxies and rubber belt repair urethanes (Devcon) are ideal for material handling equipment.

“Our relationship with BSC started many years ago,” Jason says. “We are a keen supporter of the BSC business and the value they bring to our brands in the market. Our account managers work closely with BSC’s field support personnel to assist, where possible, with the application of specific products.”

Steve says the perks of choosing BSC over other suppliers and service partners comes down to access to an extensive network of sales, engineering and distribution centres and branches Australia-wide.

“BSC provide onsite and shop front presence for our end user customers in the recycling sector to access our wide range of industrial Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) products,” he says. “Ultimately, BSC has the technical capability to demonstrate the value proposition of our suite of products. ITW Polymers & Fluids values the partnership with SBC as we strive to grow together moving forward.”

With specialised engineering and scientific expertise, bolstered by BSC’s access to quality wear and abrasion products and a national support network, ITW Polymers & Fluids is set to continue growing as a leading manufacturer of quality branded consumable products in the recycling market segment.