Belts play a critical role in the waste management and recycling industries. These industries require equipment that can handle the tough demands of transporting and processing materials. Without reliable belts, the equipment can break down, leading to costly downtime and lost productivity.  

Rob Michelson, Motion’s Product Manager – Belts, has over 35 years of experience in the Power Transmission industry. Rob explains that Gates® Predator™ V-belts are a high-end product that offers exceptional performance compared to traditional V-belts. Gates®, the inventor of V-belts back in 1917, has been at the forefront of belt technology, and the Predator™ belt is no exception. 

“With their robust, abrasion-resistant outer layer, the cords are made out of an aramid or Kevlar cord, which is a lot stronger,” says Rob.  

This provides excellent resistance to oil, heat, and other harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for the tough demands of waste management and recycling plants. Equipment in this industry often operates for long hours at high speeds, which can cause belts to heat up.  

 When belts are exposed to high temperatures for extended periods, they can become brittle and susceptible to cracking, which can cause the belt to fail. Belt failure can result in equipment breakdowns, unplanned maintenance, and even safety hazards for employees. In addition to the direct costs associated with downtime and maintenance, equipment failure can also lead to indirect costs, such as lost revenue and damage to the company’s reputation. Therefore, this solution effectively resolves these issues. 

Predator™ V-belts can transmit up to 50% more power than conventional belts, and their reduced number of belts. “You can tension the belts up to a higher degree, which then gives you more power from one pulley to the next,“ Rob highlights. 

This means less wear and tear on equipment, lower maintenance costs, and less downtime for repairs. 

One of the significant benefits of Predator™ V-belts is that they reduce the number of belts required for a drive system. As Rob notes, “Using something like a Predator™ belt, you can reduce the number of belts by up to half. So, it not only provides a more cost-effective drive, but it also has the load closer to the bearings so that the overall equipment lasts a lot longer as well.” 

Longer equipment life has several benefits such as positive environmental impacts by reducing the need for new equipment production, which can lead to lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  

The production of new equipment requires a significant amount of energy and resources, from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing process and transportation of the finished product. By extending the lifespan of existing equipment, we can reduce the environmental impact associated with these activities. Additionally, extending the life of equipment reduces the amount of waste generated from equipment disposal, further reducing environmental harm. 

Ensuring that a business has Predator™ V-belts in their inventory is a step in the right direction for promoting sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact. 

Motion is the largest distributor of Gates® products, and they offer technical support to customers who need help with their drive systems. “We have technical people like myself able to support the customers with the technical experience and help them reduce downtime in their plant and uptime in production,” says Rob. 

Motion also has access to Gates®’ design programs, which they use to analyse a customer’s drive system and offer better options.  

“From there, we can do a health check on the drive itself and come up with a better option for what they might currently be using. If they are having issues, we can then assist in providing longevity in that drive.” 

Motion’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service enables them to offer Gates®’ solutions with unparalleled expertise and support. Their dedicated team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns from customers, ensuring a seamless experience and maximum satisfaction.    

Predator V-Belts benefits 

  • Superior power transmission: Predator™ v-belts can transmit up to 50% more power than conventional belts
  • Higher resistance to wear and tear: The use of aramid or Kevlar cord in Predator™ v-belts allows for higher tension
  • Positive environmental impact: Longer equipment life means fewer replacements and less material waste
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs: With their high strength and durability