During the 1970s, Maurice Hayes went from working with local farmers and spraying from the back of Land Cruisers, to establishing the Hayes Spraying business with his brothers and wife, Jennifer. They soon embarked on manufacturing agricultural equipment full-time, and are now proud to service broad acre boom spraying across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

According to their Purchasing Manager, Shane Clement, Hayes Spraying maintains a strong focus on community and supporting local business, especially when it comes to sourcing materials.

“The Australian manufacturing industry is vastly innovative and self-sufficient. We support business in the township of Goondiwindi where we can, and we rely on local distributors for most of our parts.”

The team thrives on its values of courage and integrity, focusing on the production of robust and innovative spraying machinery. “Maurice and Jenny are still working full time,” explains Shane. “Our culture means that we are more than just a team, and the owners really look after and respect the staff.”

Shane says that when it comes to developing new equipment, Hayes Spraying has always been extremely satisfied with the service and quality of goods provided through Motion Australia. As a family business looking to grow even more in the coming years, they value a trusting and friendly relationship with local Motion representatives. 

“A lot of gear from Motion goes into our manufacturing process. We are currently building an N-Buggy, which is a five-tonne silo on wheels with a conveyor system, designed to water and dose cotton at the same time. When it comes to wheel bearings, lubricants, and parts for the levelling system, we rely very much on Motion Australia for sourcing those NTN, NSK and Loctite products.”

Evolving to address industry needs is a key motivator for the team at Hayes, Operations Manager Mark Dezius states. “In the last five years we have had a bigger focus on reducing chemical usage on farms. The technology we are developing will save a huge amount of money in chemical costs, and also keep the soil cleaner. We are looking at automation as a way to address the labour shortages as well.”

As a leading OEM of ground based agricultural spraying machinery, Hayes Spraying are keeping in step with the market by offering durability, high-performance and tailored services.